Lady Joyce c.1963

LADY JOYCE – c.1963
The photos above of the launch – Lady Joyce, currently named Lady Jane come to us from Robert Philips and were taken about 1963, when Len and Jean Perry owned her before Len had Aquarius built for him by Owen Woolly.

The first photo shows Jean struggling to haul the anchor in leaving Mansion House Bay while Len calmly powers off. A practice you still see today if anchored in a bay near Mark Edmond’s launch – Monterey 🙂
The other two photos are with Lady Joyce anchored with Len and Jean in the cockpit and third is taken at the same time with their daughter Dale Perry  diving off for a swim with Arthur Burke’s Yasawa in the background. 

Link below to a previous WW story on the launch. We still do not know the designer / builder – any new thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Lady Joyce c.1963

  1. Do you reckon, they are weighing in the first pic? I’d think, they were dropping the hook. Customary practice in a crowded bay used to be (we reckoned) was to drop the hook in the cockpit of the boat ahead….
    But dropping it about where you wanted it while still going ahead (maybe slower than Len was here) and then dropping back was smarter. If you dropped when the ship was stopped, you’d fall back a lot and maybe foul a boat anchored astern. Generally might was right and flag officers were not the greatest. I remember one (nameless but often mentioned in WW) anchored very close and only decided to move when my mother fended him off with our boathook pushed against the dodger side screen. They got the message.


  2. Oh a joy indeed to see a bridgedecker being enjoyed by a family! I reckon the layout was great for cruising.
    Dear old Len talk! talk! talk and laugh! Dynamite comes in small packages…. My old man would talk to him about boats and I’d start him off and listen to him talk about bikes -mostly Velocettes -he’d competed at the IOM TT. All those characters -they live on in our memories. Thanks so much for posting them, Fearless Leader.


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