Lady Jane (Lady Joyce)

LADY JANE (Lady Joyce)
photos ex Ken Ricketts

Today’s photos of the launch hauled out at Gulf Harbour were sent to me by Ken Ricketts. Close inspection of the starboard side revels the remains / outline of some lettering that most likely says ‘Lady Jane’.

Hidden below those sheets of plywood is a rather pretty hull. What do we know about her?

Update from John Thompson

The first photo below shows Lady Jane in Whitford Creek  prior to the opening of Pine Harbour. The second photo is ‘original’ as built by Willie Oliver. When checking her one morning on her mooring she had broken free and drifted onto John’s landing point in Whitford Creek. No damage done, and they re-floated her on the next high (after digging a trench in the mud and papa)

Update 04-12-2015 from Ray Morey
Ray sent in the photo below of Lady Jane when she was named Lady Joyce & owned by Willlie Olivers. Willie built her on his farm at Pukekawa. Launched without any interior or glazing. The engine was an “OSCO” marinised Ford V8 and the fuel tank was a 4 gallon tin. There was never an aft cockpit dodger, Willie maintained she was too short to carry one. Willie was not impressed (0 out of 10) with the for the re-modelling work 😦

Great photo – I can hear Nathan H hyperventilating over this one 🙂

More Photos here of Lady Joyce

11-12-2015 Photos below supplied by Dave Walker ex previous owners. Sourced by Ken Rickets

11 thoughts on “Lady Jane (Lady Joyce)

  1. Willie Oliver was my Dad Lady Joyce Was named after my second eldest sister built on the farm Pukekawa we used to go on Waikato river to the heads, plenty snapper?.great to see her,one before that was called The Betty?? Is she in Auckland??


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  3. Have met the present owner, Dave Walker, who bought her 6 years ago last September. The owner is coming back to me with the previous owners details.

    She is powered these days by a 4 cyl 60 Hp Ford diesel, which has presently been removed for a substantial overhaul.

    He tells me he has recently been given a photo of her in her early days with her varnish, by a relative of the original or early owner & is looking at modifying her coamings back more like the original. Since I told him her original name he will be reverting back to the original of Lady Joyce. I told him I had photos of 2 other Lady Joyce’s, both built before his, he then commented he may well add a “III” to his as well. (edited by AH)


  4. I made a blunder in respect of the other LADY JOYCE, built as SHEIK, now on H Marina at Gulf Harbour. I said that Willie Oliver had owned her in the 40s which was in error. THIS is the LADY JOYCE he owned (and built). I should have known better because Ted Gilpin (my cousin) told me about this LADY JOYCE years ago.
    Apologies to all and sundry, especially since the other LADY JOYCE is currently for sale.


  5. “Lady Joyce” built by Willie Oliver at Pukekawa and launched into the Waikato river late 1948. Driven around the top to Auckland xmas 1949. Willy built a slipway in Panmure basin somewhere but fell foul of authorities.
    Sold Lady Joyce and went to Tauranga.
    I have photos of her before launch and on some picnic cruises on the river.


  6. She is Lady Joyce by Willie Oliver. My father Norm Whitfield owned her in the seventies, before the alterations were done to her saloon. Purchased her off of Ron de Senna .


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