Misty Rose (Sybil Frances)

MISTY ROSE (Sybil Frances/ Francis)
photos & details ex Eddie Viv

The photos of today’s launch were sent in by Eddie Viv who has recently purchased her. She is currently named Misty Rose but was previously named Sybil Frances. From what Eddie has been able to learn she was apparently built in 1945 & is 3 skin kauri. In the past she has been a commercial long-liner & was owned by a person named Jack for 35 years and was moored at Port Fitzroy , Great Barrier Island.

The photos above show her as she is now & I would have to say ‘what a difference a coat of coat makes’ :-). We had her on ww back in August & she was looking a little tired. See link          https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/08/05/sybil-francis/

Back then the trademe listing had her as c.1935/36 & powered by a 120hp Ford. In the comments on that post Shamus Fairhall advised that she had been owned by a diesel mechanic named Jack Ngati, kept on the piles up the Tamaki River & used as transport to his property on the Barrier.

So woodys a few more details – can we expand any more?


3 thoughts on “Misty Rose (Sybil Frances)

  1. She was parked on the hard at Riverside Whangarei next to mine and I have had a brief conversation with her present owners Peter and Michelle who intend to live aboard and are tidying her.
    They mentioned that she is 80 something years old and still fequent the Barrier.
    It is great to see that these boats are still in good use and cared for by nice people.


  2. Lovely shot of Jasper Calder’s CRUSADER behind her, still virtually original from the 40s era, apart from the small addition to the stern, by the look of it in the lower pic. — KEN R


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