Sybil Francis


This one might be easy but I suspect not – her trademe listing said she was built in 1935 & is 36′ three skin kauri planked with a 10′ beam. Powered by a 120 hp Ford diesel.
Currently based at Great Barrier Island & been earning her keep as a fishing boat, she has had one owner for the last twenty three years.

Anyone able to shed some light on the old girl?

15 thoughts on “Sybil Francis

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  2. Well, if you insist on the Hawaiian, MALOLO. Same word as MARORO = flying fish in Maori and Cook Islands dialects.Sorry to put you crook there…my mind defaulted to Maori. MALOLO it is, owned in the 1950s by H.A. Richards of Harlston Ave Mt. Albert.


  3. Well she’s the same as MARORO back to the break, same forward hatch, same bridgedeck arrangement etc, but quite different aft of that.


  4. Well …… she is sitting in some Cool Water (couldn’t manage a Mule Train or Rawhide reference here so that will have to do)


  5. She reminds me rather of the fishing launch MARORO (AK 171) which used to be in the Viaduct around the 60s.


  6. She is owned by Jack Ngati and was kept up the tamaki riveron poles between the bridges for many years . He used her to commute between there and land they owned on Barrier. Jack is a diesel mechanic by trade and his boat always run like clock work.


  7. As I suggested to ya a while back, my flippant suggestion would be Chas. Bailey as something of her hull in the bow area reminds me of Shenandoah. Not aft of midships, mind. In a world where builders never made a different or better/worse design of course.

    I’ve never said ‘Lanes’. The only Lane attribute I would hint at in a boat would be of the 1950’s variety.


  8. There was a cut down bridgedecker that looked like Sybil Francis fishing out of Gisborne when I lived there in the 1980s. It did not have the dodger at that stage.


  9. SYBIL FRANCIS is a typical rename. The owner of 23 years should know her original name which would be helpful. Has he been contacted?


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