Lady Joyce 40yrs On


I was sent by CYA member Ian Kohler (Ngaio) this c1973 photo of Lady Joyce when see was owned by Sally Cassells Brown. Looking at the photo of her I took earlier this year at Mahurangi, its wonderful to see how she has survived over 40 years & retained her original configuration. Her owner for the last 20 years, John Foreman, needs a medal.

To me what these two photos also show is how the addition of varnish (or possibly wood effect paint in those days) to the coamings can so significantly enhance the look of a classic craft.

For more details on LJ – use the ww search box or click the link below

And to show we are a caring sharing bunch – compilments of HDK via Paperpast is the “Joyce” of LADY JOYCE 🙂


18/06/2014 – A correction / error to the story- ex Paul Baragwanath

The error relates to the above picture. The Lady Joyce was in fact named after my grandmother, Joyce Winstone, nee Harrowell. Lady Joyce was owned by my great-grandfather, Shirley Harrowell. The photograph above is of her brother Bill Harrowell, Joyce’s brother, and the lady in the photo is Bill’s wife, known as Eddie, but whose name was also Joyce. An easy mistake to make!

I think that my grandmother was born in 1918, If they bought her in 1932 Joyce would have been 25… I am surprised they didn’t buy the Lady Joyce earlier… because Joyce was already married with two children (or so).
They lived at 44 Ranui Road, Remuera and Joyce’s husband Don, my grandfather, bought his first house over the road… and commissioned my little Corsair (Frostbite number 47). Don’s uncle had the big yacht Nga Toa.


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