Karamana II


Karamana II


I have always known her as just Karamana, but I guess she has to be Karamana II, as I’ve now read this morning, the original one, which was built for the Cadman family in the 1920s. has been created before her. The name, I read also, is, to quote, a “pig Maori,” interpretation of the name “Cadman.” — lovely name anyway, sounds good.

KARAMANA II is a WW II 105 ft Fairmile converted to a pleasure craft circa 1945-46 by the Cadman family powered by 2 x 6-71 GM Detroit diesels, or the Graymarine version of them, & was undoubtedly, the very best pleasure craft Fairmile conversion, I ever saw. From the outside she was, in my view, aesthetically lovely. I took this pic circa1948 on her moorings in Hobson Bay. She was always immaculate & hardly used, Disappeared from there in the early 1950s, & I never saw her again — I think perhaps she may have gone to the Pacific Islands.
Any news anyone has would be great, just email me at kenpat@ihug.co.nz

story & pic ex Ken Ricketts

Harold Kidd Update

Andy Ryland was my uncle. This Fairmile was sold to his mate Cadman after Andy was killed in the NAC Lodestar crash at Paraparaumu. Bob McDougall’s book tells the story about Fairmiles more than adequately.