Lady Eileen – Friday Flash Back





LADY EILEEN – Friday Flash Back

Lady Eileen the 48′ Shipbuilders / SupaCraft launch, built in 1947 is currently undergoing an extensive & very impressive restoration by owner Hylton Edmonds. Now Hylton needs no motivation but to just keep him on the straight & narrow I have published the above photos from the Tudor Collins collection that were emailed in by Ken Ricketts. Apologies for the condition of a few of them, a little ropey – but worth publishing.
The launch day one is my favourite. You can read / view more on LE by typing her name in the WW search box. Enjoy 🙂

WW T-Shirt Winner – Michael B was the winner , it is ‘Kiwitea’. Mike, email me your postal address & size to & I’ll pop your prize in the mail 😉


WW Isn’t Just About Photos of Old Woodys


New Zealand Traditional Boat Building School -Winter Maintenance Seminar
A few weeks ago I featured the re-opening of the school, this coming Saturday (19th), their first Seminar kicks off – the topic is a full day (9>3.00pm) Winter Maintenance Workshop with specialist speakers presenting on topics ranging from Diesel engine maintenance, batteries & electrical, sails & covers, marine sealants & common splicing – of interest to all larger boat owners. I know most of the presenters & can vouch that it will be a great day. Space is limited so check out the courses here & if you are interested contact the school on this link
I’ll be there – entry is via a donation – but let’s be clear, it’s not gold coin – given the speakers & that there is a BBQ lunch provided, I would like to think its $50+

Just received details on Saturdays Seminar – see below.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 5.18.02 PM

Woodys Stuff
Via WW I get offered a lot of woody ‘stuff’, stuff that due to a wide range of circumstances the owner can no longer keep / store anymore. In the interests of domestic bliss I try to find homes for it ASAP – If you have anything woody related, before you bin it, send me a photo, that could be a woody that needs it 🙂
3 recent finds:

1. A brokered a deal across 3 woodys that involved a set of copper cowl vents – everyone will end up happy.

2. I was given a collection of Shipbuilders / SupaCraft plans & are currently finding homes for them, Mike Ryan was over the moon to learn I had a set for his launch Mahora. (the ones below are not of Mahora)


3. Woody, Keith Ottaway dropped off an almost mint copy of ‘Gardner Diesel Engine – Operating & Maintenance Manual’ – this will be a much appreciated additional to Jamie Hudson’s Lady Crossley library. Now speaking of LC & Jamie, my daughter was reading a fashion magazine called ‘Simply You’ (Spring/Summer 2017/18) & pointed out “one of those old boats you like” – turns out LC was the location for a 14 page fashion feature & the old sea-dog Jamie slipped in a cameo appearance 😉 See below.




Using WW To Find Something Woody Related

There are over 2,000 stories on WW & 15,000+ photos in the library, so if you are looking for something classic woody related – you have 2 options – either enter the word in the WW Search Box or click on the Tags that appear on the righthand side of the WW page , the tags cover most known boat builders, date/year, vessel length etc etc

And Don’t Forget To Grab A Copy Of The CYA Classic Register – only $15, email here to order one

Ariki Restoration Open Day

If the suns shining today & you fancy a wee outing – pop down to The Landing @ Okahu Bay between 10am & 2.00pm to catch up on Ariki’s restoration project.

The 1946 Launching Of Mahara


The 1946 Launching Of Mahara

Harold mentioned on the Mahara ww 2015 post (link below) that he had an upcoming article on the Shipbuilders Ltd’s SupaCraft launches in the August issue of Boating NZ magazine. Included in the article is the above great photo taken in 1946 of Mahara being launched. The photo came from boat builder, Tim Windsor’s collection. Thanks go to Harold for sharing Tim Windsor’s photo, its superb quality & showcases what a stunning wooden vessel she was / is.
Check out the link for more photos & details.


photo & details ex Mike Ryan

Mike’s family has recently purchased Mahara, a Shipbuilders Supacraft that they are in the process of tidying her up after a year or two of neglect. She is currently out at Okahu Bay & Mike reports that Alan Boyd from ‘x-foul-e-8’ has done a beautiful job getting layers of anti fouling off below the waterline.
Mahara was one of four ‘sisters’ built by Shipbuilders Supacraft in the late 1940’s, early 50’s, the others being – Lady Eileen, Rosemary II & Rakanoa. They were designed (Rakanoa part) by the American trained Thomas (Tim) Windsor, the in-house designer at Shipbuilders Supacraft at the time.
I understand that Mahara is slightly shorter than the others ?

Can we supply anymore info on her past? I’m sure Russell Ward will drop in 🙂

The photo below (sorry about the quality) was taken approx. 10 years ago.

Harold Kidd Input

MAHARA was built for Graham Speight in 1946. Keith Kiernander, a well-known Ponsonby real estate agent, had her between 1959 and 1966. In 1966 she went to E & BM Senior of Herne Bay. In our scruffy launch GREENBANK we came up astern of Kiernander in this launch, or his next, perhaps, stationary in the Motuihe Channel with people rushing about on deck and broadcasting a very loud MAYDAY on the double sideband. There were two or three Orcas playing around his boat and he was seeking help in case his boat was sunk and his crew eaten. We split our sides, muttering quite uncharitable things about “bloody land agents”.

Lady Eileen

photos & report ex Hylton Edmonds via Ken Ricketts. edited by Alan H

Ken reports that Hylton, who bought Lady Eileen the 1947 Shipbuilders/SupaCraft bridge-decker approx. a year ago & relocated her to his property at Tapu Point in the Bay of Islands, is now 8 months into an extensive refit/refurb. You will see from the above photos that Hylton has rather a nice ‘shed’ & has retained the services of some true craftsman to undertake the work.
ww followers may recall that after her previous live-a-board owner passed away, Lady Eileen was listed on trademe for a long time. Lady Eileen is a very lucky boat to now have Hylton as her custodian & based on the standard of the work completed to date, despite being 68 years old, she will be relaunched better than new.
We look forward to more update.

Search Lady Eileen in the ww search box to see early photos.

Update from Russell Ward who you will see is a fan 🙂

Oh sterling effort, Mr Edmonds. Ten points/five stars for your effort! And a most deserving ship to lavish all that effort on. A super SuperCraft job!
Tim Windsor was the in-house designer at Shipbuilders at the time and Lady Eileen and her half sisters Mahara, Rosemary and Rakanoa were all just right. Mahara (just the same cabin arrangement) being a much shorter boat still worked OK (and that was hard to do); but Eileen managed to draw it out much better with the extra length.
Have a squint and admire the details. Humour me…. That graceful sheer, little kick up aft, the rubbing strakes that set it off (get one of those wrong and it would spoil it); the curvaceous tops to the toe rail fwd (Mahara was the same) -almost a turtle deck effect. The cabin tops -just a little curve in them fore and aft. Look at the curved edges to the tops of the fwd wheelhouse screens. A lesser designer would have had them angular and would have put three in. He might have put an eyebrow atop them and again detracted from it. Admire the treatment of the alternate windows/portholes aft -all four had that. It is mimicked up fwd too. Yep, everything just right. The flying bridge -a later add on is not bad -works OK because she is a big boat.
I surmise that Shipbuilders still had the men that were there during WW2 doing Fairmiles and the like -the knowledge capital/ expertise. Tim had trained by correspondence from the USA, I heard once. Anyone got anything else on his history?
Oh, say again. Well done (doing?) Hylton!

Work Report from the owner – 23-05-2015

Sadly the cabin sides are well passed returning to varnish (which in any case would have been the old imitation graining system so popular back in that era through to the 60’s, ex Pilot Boat Waitemata was a classic example).

I feel though, with a combination of refurbished varnished pieces and all her refurbished chrome, she  will still look the (glamourous) Hunter’s  Lady Eileen, as follows;

1.    Hand rails (on refurbished stainless steel stanchions – added at time of flying bridge 20 years ago)
2.    Skylight (original)
3.    Dorade boxes (original complete with refurbished Chrome Bronze cowls)
4.    Mast
5.    New Teak Wheelhouse doors (sadly the old ones were full of gravings, repairs and freshwater rot and have been “retired”)
6.    Entire Flying Bridge . The internal panel is painted out now,  accentuating the shear and considered by all –  a great improvement on this “large” addition.
7.    Oregon Boat hooks (with chrome tips) on new Teak cradles
8.    Cockpit Coamings (attached is a photo with just 3 coats of Uroxsys on to protect in the interim before final 6 more coats)
9.    Foredeck Teak Hatch (original)
10.    Name Boards (with chrome letters)
11.    Ensign Mast
12.    And…..if one can procure the original Clinker Dinghy or suitable replacement……

Lady Clair (L) & Lady Eileen at Gulf Harbour May’14

Lady Clair (L) & Lady Eileen at Gulf Harbour May'14

28-04-2016 Work in progress photos ex Ken Ricketts (17 April)


Lady Eileen


I’m very pleased to be able to report that the Lady Eileen the 48′
Shipbuilders / SupaCraft launch, built in 1947 has been sold & her new owner, Hylton Edmonds, is a very passionate classic woody. In fact he already owns the historic game boat Zane Gray.
She has left Auckland & is now in a shed in Whangarei for the start of an extensive ‘rolling’ restoration. Ultimately her new home will be Tapu Point, Russell, BOI.

She is pictured above at purchase time, use the ww search box for more photos & details on Lady Eileen.

ps Hylton has assured me the restoration work on Zane Grey will continue in tandem with LE