The 1946 Launching Of Mahara


The 1946 Launching Of Mahara

Harold mentioned on the Mahara ww 2015 post (link below) that he had an upcoming article on the Shipbuilders Ltd’s SupaCraft launches in the August issue of Boating NZ magazine. Included in the article is the above great photo taken in 1946 of Mahara being launched. The photo came from boat builder, Tim Windsor’s collection. Thanks go to Harold for sharing Tim Windsor’s photo, its superb quality & showcases what a stunning wooden vessel she was / is.
Check out the link for more photos & details.

8 thoughts on “The 1946 Launching Of Mahara

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  2. She,s looks good. Over the years the hull becomes saturated. Then they pick up a larger engine, a flying bridge,more deck gear,several truckloads of general stuff plus lockers to put it in then umpteen coats of paint ! I think designers call it ‘growth’ And thats not even beneath the waterline. Cheers, Keith


  3. This has reminded me that somewhere I have a sheet of a line drawing of an early shipbuilders launch that I saved from the rubbish circa 1961.When I find it someone may wish to have it.


  4. Tim was always pleased when his boats floated to their marks. He had great skill at calculating weights and their distribution. Westlawn taught him well.


  5. One can notice similar with classic keel yachts which were sitting high when young, and progressively sinking deeper to much deeper as they advance into old age.


  6. Stunning shot of her on launching day. — interesting to note, that like LADY EILEEN, she sits high in the water at the tuck, as original, with the round of the chine substantially visible above the waterline, unlike the majority of boats of that era. — I always felt it was perhaps due to the buoyancy created by the fact that they both had build in deadwoods, thus having lots of lift. — Just a theory. — KEN R


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