Woodys On Tour – Hobart – Australian Wooden Boat Festival – Day 3

Woodys On Tour – Hobart – Australian Wooden Boat Festival – Day 3

Morning Woodys – a stunning day today on the weather front – clear blue skies and not to warm, perfect. The docks today were a Zoo, just so many people and a high % of rubber neckers. Hats off to the boat owners for answering all the ‘blonde’ questions e.g. “is it made of wood, or has it got a special paint effect” etc etc. On the advice of a seasoned festival attendee I hit the docks very early in the morning and again early evening.

Lots of chat with owners and good awareness of WW. I decided today to engage the right side of the brain and caught the ferry to MONA (Museum Old New Art) its like nothing I or probably you have been to – check out the website https://mona.net.au

In todays WW story we focus on some of the smaller craft at the festival , with a leaning on steam propelled. Enjoy – if you don’t like it blame Russell Ward, his side of our movement needs a leg up 🙂

The Boat Of The Day   – TAMARESK

And a wee sea shanty for aboard the Tall Ship – ENTERPRIZE – enjoy


And lunch was X12 fresh Australian prawns – never seen the inside of a freezer, soooo good 🙂



Today’s photo comes to us from Heather England’s fb and shows a very smart looking steamer. The photo was originally sent to Heather’s grandmother in 1912 when she was 12.,  and has a Dunedin post mark stamped on the rear, so the possible location surprise surprise is Dunedin. The photo is tagged Komuri on the back, which is the maori word for ‘fine weather’ which kind of sounds like a good name for a boat.

Would love to learn more about the vessel and what became of her – she is a real looker.

Input from Harold Kidd – KOMURI was built in Dunedin in 1913 by Austen Jenkinson to a design by McRae for James Johnston. She had a 2 cylinder Bolinder semi-diesel crude oil engine. She was sold in 1916 to the lessees of Campbell Island for whaling. On the trip down she had an engine breakdown and was abandoned at sea, the crew took to the surfboat. Long story. (thanks Nathan Hebert for the advising the correct spelling)

And On A Lighter Note
I was sent the image below by a WW follower, whose daughter has too much spare time during lock-down. I have enlarged a section to help you see the blatant breach of copyright 🙂

SS Alice SOS




Yesterday I was contacted by Paul Drake in regard to the 26′ steam ship Alice. Alice has been sitting on trademe for over a year, crying out for a buying.
She appeared on WW back in Feb 2019 –  
Paul told me their local paper – the Taupo Times yesterday ran a feature on the boat and the owners desire to find a good home for her.
Alice is from the Kaipara and was completely and very thoroughly rebuilt by a partnership at Taupo in the 1990’s. Paul’s brother Michael was one of the partners. 

Paul commented that she is a remarkably successful boat of her type but needs TLC to get her going again.

Remarkably she carries no ballast – the heavy boiler sits in just the right place
longitudinally and sits her down to her marks perfectly.
She is beamier than many of her ilk which makes her a very good load carrier and very stable.
The owner is currently in Taupo (from UK) for not much more than a week, and intends to see her off before he leaves. So woodys – sounds like a bargain.
Would be a perfect candidate for a berth at the CYA’s Heritage Landing – but my spies tell me that venue may / will be lost to the waterfront redevelopments.

Reluctant Sale of Baldrick (Ngaku) the Steam Boat

Reluctant Sale of Baldrick (Ngaku) the Steam Boat

Anyone need a nice little 16′ Vos clinker (has original builders plate) with divine provenance but a little prostituted by a steam engine and boiler. Built in Auckland in 1953 from Heart Kauri & Jara decks & pohutukawa stem, plus Mangaeo ribs.
CYA member & ww stalwart Russell Ward has the original Stuart Turner 8hp engine which he would pass on in part exchange for Baldrick’s steam plant.
Her current owner Gary Langstone bought her from Don Penn in Rotoiti and intended to use it.. However bad health has forced a sale.
Baldrick is in good going condition, on a trailer, stored in a shed & can be inspected at any time.  Trailer rego is on hold but no problem to activate it.
The steam engine is by Don Hasbrook & built by Donn and others, the boiler is by McCarthy Engineering Ltd & only 15years old.
Gary paid $8000.00 for the craft and would like to recover this. For enquires phone Gary or come and see it . Phone  09 2946614 or email glangstone@xtra.co.nz
For more photos & history http://www.woodenboatparade.co.nz/40-59.htm

ps fingers crossed when she sells, her new owner reverts to her old name – Ngaku  🙂