NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show 2023 (Nelson Lakes)

NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show 2023 (Nelson Lakes) 

Today thanks to the camera of Michael Brownee we get to take in the amazing woody craft and spectacular scenery at Lake Rotoiti, South Island for the 2023 NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show that was recently held (March 4>5)

Michael has captured the essence and spirit of the event beautifully , if he not a professional photographer , he should be 🙂

I attended the show 3>4 years ago and it should be on every woodys bucket list.

As always – click on photos to enlarge 😉

Marlin 17 Rescued





Marlin 17 Rescued

Have been contacted recently by Keith Bradley concerning a Marlin 17 that he rescued from the chainsaw. The previous owner was about to cut the hull in half and mount it on the wall of the fish and chip shop in Nelson……… 😦

In steps Keith and the woody run-a-about is now 1/2 way thru a re-fit.
When Keith acquired her she had a large crack in the bow, that with help (verbal) from a local boat builder Kieth has addressed.
The project is actually more of a custom re-build than a restoration to as built, but rest easy – she will look a picture when completed.
Keith has set himself a target to have her back in the water for the Lake Rotoiti (Nelson Lakes) classic boat show at St. Arnaud this year, so he better get a move on 🙂
Keith would love to hear from any other Marlin 17 owners to swap notes re his and their boats.
The photo below of Keith’s shed shows an impressive collection of deer antlers  – must be a very good shot 🙂



Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 5.07.01 pm

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 5.07.50 pm



Michelangleo is a 15’, twin cockpit classic lake boat, built in 1950 & fully restored approx. 10 years ago. Current home is the South Island, Nelson Lakes area.

Powered by a fully rebuilt 272 wide block Ford V8. She is direct drive (so no gearbox or reverse). Sitting top of the V8 is a 350 2 barrel Holley carb + electronic ignition, heat exchanger and a stainless fuel tank.

I love the stern photo, a pretty backside & the noise from those exhausts would be music to my eyes – ok I’m a petrol head 😉

She is for sale on trademe if anyone is looking for a zoom zoomer 🙂


Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes – NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show 2016

Nelson Lakes - 3 - 16 028

Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes – NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show 2016
photos from Greg Lees & David Glen

CYA members Greg & David were among the 100’s that attended last weekends show, Greg reports that this year the lake saw the return of historic Hydroplanes with the promise of more to attend next year.
The radio controlled model craft (below) are very cool.

Any woodys out there able to supply some more details on the stunning Baby Thunder?

Lots more photos here – click on the photo, below


Nelson Lakes - 3 - 16 152

Lake Rotoiti Antique & Classic Boat Show

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 1.09.51 PM

Lake Rotoiti Antique & Classic Boat Show – This weekend

For the South Island woodys this weekend (5>6th March 2016) sees the running of the 17th Antique & Classic Boat Show at Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes.
Always a spectacular weekend in a stunning location.

If there are any ww followers attending, pack the camera & send in some photos.

More details here

David Glen sent in the photo below of the 1st arrival 🙂


2015 Lake Rotoiti Antique & Classic Boat Show – Nelson Lakes

Lake Rotoiti Antique & Classic Boat Show – Nelson Lakes
photos & details from Greg Lees & Gary Drummond

As featured on the ww post ‘Summertime’ Greg Lees daughter Rosie recently launched a run-about / speed boat that she built. No sooner had she splashed it but she was off down south (home) with the the boat in tow. Post launch the first major outing for the boat was the Nelson Lakes, 2015 Lake Rotoiti Antique & Classic Boat Show. Rosie had entered Summertime in the “Best New Build” competition category & Greg reports that she missed out on this award, the winner being a 14 year old whom had built a mini hydroplane, and according to Greg, he deserved the prize. Nor did she win best ‘Outboard Boat’ or ‘Powerboat’ prize.

BUT –  she won “Best Boat of the Boat Show”.  That young lady is a winner 🙂

Rosie is pictured in one of the photos above with a bottle of Mumm champagne, she has been carrying that bottle around with her since it was given to her by Barbara & David Cooke at the launching of Summertime – given the absence of a cork its safe to assume it was cracked at the prize giving.
Rosie went on to win her race in the ‘Over 40 hp’ division the next day.  A T-shirt was the trophy.
In the photos above there is a red row boat – one of very popular, Ian Oughtred designed, St Ayles skiffs, this one ‘Kaikoura Lass, was built in Kaikoura as a community project.
The event is a magic gathering of classic boating enthusiasts & the organisers welcome all i.e. not just wooden vessels , plus  classic cars are invited along to the weekend so its a hit with young & old.

Note: Press clipping below from the Nelson Mail