Alberta – A Peek Down Below

ALBERTA – A Peek Down Below

During my annual jaunt to the Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade one of the woodys that always catches my eye is the 28’6” classic launch – Alberta, designed and built in 1913 by HN Burgess in Parnell, Auckland.

I have featured her on WW twice, WW links below, there is lots of older photos and details there.

Now thanks to Ian McDonald and a tme listing we get to see down below.

WW 2014 Story

WW 2016 Story




The launch Joyce was built by H N Burgess in 1912 (thank you HDK for that), the photo above was captioned “1920-1929 The launch Joyce left behind by the tide”, could have been a long wait for the two lads in the cockpit 🙂
Would love to know what became of her, no doubt she gained a tram-top and dog-house along the way.
(Photo ex Lew Redwood fb) 
Harold Kidd Input – I think that this JOYCE went to Raglan in 1915, sold through the agency of Bailey & Lowe who had big connections in Raglan. An owner in Raglan shortly after and for many years was a Mr Tombs. Her original owners were Cornes and Davis. She had a 6hp Automatic engine for which Burgess was the agent.I wonder if this pic was taken in Raglan?

PIKO – A peek down below

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PIKO – A peek down below
Piko was built in 1924 by Collings & Bell and is 28’ in length, with a 6’ beam and she draws 2’.
Power is from a 2002, 18hp Volvo diesel.
Her current home is on Lake Rotoiti (Nth Is.) She has made numerous appearances on WW before as part of the annual Lake Rotoiti Classic and Wooden Boat Parade.
She has just popped up on trademe with a very realistic price of $15k, needs some TLC to the interior but nothing most of us couldn’t do.
Interested in hearing more about her past life i.e. has she always been on the lake and if not where has she been over the years.
Harold Kidd Input – PIKO was built in Parnell in September 1927, designed by and built under the supervision of H.N. Burgess, formerly boatbuilding in Judges Bay. Her first owner was J Bates. She had a Briscoe heavy duty engine. Bates kept her at Judges Bay. Not Collings & Bell.

Murray Deeble Input – She was on a mooring off Akarana prior to being transported to Tauranga/Rotoiti in the early 90’s



I know very little known about Alberta other than she is kauri, 28’6″ & built in 1913. She now resides on Lake Rotoiti. In the back of my mind I recall someone saying she was kept at Milford Marina for a long time, prior to getting a new lease of life on the lake. If anyone knows the owner – Jon Dustin?, maybe we could find out more.

Harold Kidd Update

ALBERTA was built as a flushdecker by H.N. Burgess at Judges Bay in December 1913 and fitted with a 6/8 hp Automatic engine for which Burgess was the Auckland agent. A. Parsons of Ponsonby was her first owner. In 1914 she was repowered with a Model M Scripps from Lanes. From 1918 she was in Whangarei owned by the Palmer family. Maurice Reynolds bought her in 1959 and rebuilt her, then sold her in 1961. M C Williams of Northboro Road, Takapuna bought her and kept her at Milford. Artie Perkin owned her in 1969 and had a 36hp Perkins diesel in her. Andrew Campbell owned her in 2002, still in Milford and still a flushdecker, probably the very last of the pre-WW1 flushdeckers to survive in original state. The dodger put on her now is tastefully done and typical of the dodgers most flushdeckers had gained by 1918.


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Designed & built by H.N. Burgess in 1910, she has survived almost ‘un-touched’ by the wood butchers hands & today is as graceful as the day she was launched at Judges Bay. Florence, 33′ carvel planked kauri, has been lucky with her recent owners, Mike Hunter & now Adam Wild who is undertaking some wonderful work to present her in the condition she deserves. AH
Harold Kidd Update
Additional photo of Florence on her trials in March 1910, no tramtop, no dodger, just a flushdecker with a raised foredeck, terribly advanced and chic for 1910.
29/07 – The tramtop and dodger were put on in August-September 1919 at the Victoria Cruising Club’s haulout yard. F Price, her then owner, was Vice-Commodore of the VCC. The pic of her with two masts is probably taken in early 1920 and she’s flying his VCC V-C flag.