The launch Joyce was built by H N Burgess in 1912 (thank you HDK for that), the photo above was captioned “1920-1929 The launch Joyce left behind by the tide”, could have been a long wait for the two lads in the cockpit 🙂
Would love to know what became of her, no doubt she gained a tram-top and dog-house along the way.
(Photo ex Lew Redwood fb) 
Harold Kidd Input – I think that this JOYCE went to Raglan in 1915, sold through the agency of Bailey & Lowe who had big connections in Raglan. An owner in Raglan shortly after and for many years was a Mr Tombs. Her original owners were Cornes and Davis. She had a 6hp Automatic engine for which Burgess was the agent.I wonder if this pic was taken in Raglan?

Jean Gray

photos ex Clare Jordan

Today’s photos of Jean Gray (above) are from Clare Jordan. Clare found them in an old album of her  great-grandparents (Jim Turner), they show Jean Gray at sea and one that looks like on a creek somewhere, dated early 1920s. Clare’s not sure where the Creek area is, but my guess is it could be Milford Creek.
In the photo of her, hauled out on the slip with the 3 men & a dog,  Jim Turner is the one in the middle.  Claire wasn’t sure who the other two gents are.

I know nothing about this launch so look forward to some insights.

Update from Whangateau Traditional Boat Yard (Pam & George)

Photo below is George Emtage’s father (Albert) boat ‘Joyce’, which in another life was Jean Gray or at least a sister-ship. No board are Albert Emtage (Dad), George & his brother Jim
The photo is from c.1949-50 when Albert used her for commercial fishing (on the weekends)
The boat in-tow is Alberts  previous boat, a 16′ row/sail that he also used for commercial fishing from Panmure out to Motuihe .