David Stanaway recently sent in the above photos of the launch Malolo. As seen here hauled out at Dargaville.
David commented that Malolo drew a blank with him re any details on her builder and history – maybe one of the West Coast woodys can enlighten us, come in Zach Matich 🙂
I’m in Thames, so will mooch down to the marina and grab a few photos.
Harold Kidd Input – MALOLO is a common name for boats = ‘flying fish” in generic Pacific languages, the equivalent of Maroro in Maori. I have a splendid oil painting of the fishing launch MARORO AK171 in the Viaduct c1970 which could easily be this launch. H A Richards of Harlston Ave Mt Albert had a MARORO from 1952 to 1957 at least that could be this boat too. I would think she was built about 1950.





The photos of Nevada above were sent in by David Stanaway and shows her recently hauled out on the slip at Dargaville.
Dave believes she may have been built as a towing launch on the Kaipara.
While smaller than yesterday’s WW feature boat – Miss Betty, she appears similar and to quote Dave , has that Roy Lidgard look about her.
Dave also recalls that there was a longliner in Auckland named Nevada -same boat?
Maybe Zach Matich can help us out on more info on her?
Ps nice railway slip 🙂

Mystery Launch – Dargaville



Mystery Launch – Dargaville

I was contacted by Dennis Rule the other day, who was just back from a two-day cruise on the Kaipara Harbour, overnighting at Dargaville.  Dennis took the above photos on the slip at Dargaville while waiting to board the Kewpie Too for the return journey to Helensville.  All spruced up ready for the water, but no name.

Any woodys from the dark-side able to tell more about this vessel?

Input from Jeff  Norris

The name is Waima and is owned by Rodney W ilson who is the commodore of the Northern Wairoa Boating Club I helped put her back in water yesterday all ready for todays regatta all I now about her is she powered by GMC and is quite fast also she has been lengthen at one time