The photos of Nevada above were sent in by David Stanaway and shows her recently hauled out on the slip at Dargaville.
Dave believes she may have been built as a towing launch on the Kaipara.
While smaller than yesterday’s WW feature boat – Miss Betty, she appears similar and to quote Dave , has that Roy Lidgard look about her.
Dave also recalls that there was a longliner in Auckland named Nevada -same boat?
Maybe Zach Matich can help us out on more info on her?
Ps nice railway slip 🙂

5 thoughts on “Nevada

  1. Nevada – a blast from the past. At about four years old 1950 I swung an old string line at the sea off Mayor Island and embedded the substantial hook in my upper arm. Mad dash to doctor ashore spoiled the parents fishing.. still have the scar. Yes- this is the “Tauranga” Nevada. owned by my father Bob Campbell probably bought about 1947- ish after he – back from the RAF and Italian POW – built a family home in Tweed St Mt. Maunganui.. it was then a row of sandhills to the beach. Back then Nevada was fitted with a game chair and my parents were members of a (long closed – maybe informal) game fishing club operating out of Major island… Nevada was moored off the Mt wharf. Last heard of long lining out of Coromandel via Lance Matich, who alerted me to this posting…Paul Campbell (Editor: Kaipara Lifestyler)


  2. Navada was recently based by the Kaipara cruising club . Pics I took of the Kaipara boats (previous posting in Feb this year) show her on the pile mooring with the other fishing boats. She has been on Trademe in the last month or so.


  3. Joseph Fell of Kohukohu built a NEVADA for the Hokianga Dairy Company c1917, to accompany SIERRA. But this boat looks too small and wrong in the hull for that one, even if she’s been grossly modified. There was a NEVADA in Wellington in 1917, a 26ft NEVADA in Whangarei in 1935 and another NEVADA in Tauranga in 1949, probably not all the same boat.


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