43’ Classic Yacht With Exemplary Provenance 

43’ Classic Yacht With Exemplary Provenance 

Very very rarely do I put a price on a classic vessel that is for sale on WW, but today is an exception. After over 50 years of ownership Tuahine is for sale and her owner is keen to sell, but only to the right person/s -so woodys if you pass the test -Tuahine could be yours for $100k. That is a bargain for a 43’ yacht designed and built in 1957 by the Dickson family, lead by Roy Dickson’s father (grandfather to Chris Dickson). Modern engine, her needs are mostly cosmetic, so give her some TLC and you will have a very fetching classic that should blow the b_lls off most of Auckland’s classic fleet 🙂

More photos and details at this WW link.https://waitematawoodys.com/2022/05/04/classic-yacht-tuahine-for-sale/

Classic Tender or Art

You decide – she is sub 10’, built of kauri ply (est. 65kg) and after 6 years of storage, has just had a birthday. Overseas owner says sell – not cheap but a very fair price at $4,300

TUAHINE – A Peek Down Below

TUAHINE – A Peek Down Below

When a classic woody has had the same owner for over 50 years, not a lot of people have popped their heads down below, today we get to do that.

The 43’ yacht Tuahine was designed and built in 1957 by the Dickson family, lead by Roy Dickson’s father (grandfather to Chris Dickson). Dickson senior along with Roy and twin brother had all sailed on Ranger with Lou Tercel and got many ideas from Ranger – longish with narrow beam (9’).

Stepping aboard Tuahine is like entering a time capsule being almost unaltered from new, always a sign that the designer / builder got it right first off. Tuahine even has the original Crown Lynn dinner set and on her bulkhead the pennant / decals recording her off-shore races (1977 and 1979 Auckland > Lautoka).

Home for most of the last 40 years has been the Bay of Islands, where she still resides, upstaging her plastic neighbours in the bay.

Her owners have followed a regular maintenance schedule that has included – recently removing the teak decks and plywood substrate laid and the deck relaid. The windows have also been removed and re-sealed. Other work has included the installation of a new Lombardini engine, new stove, new batteries and new main sail.

If the above sounds like an advertisement, it is – the Wooden Boat Bureau has been tasked with finding the next custodian of Tuahine. Her owners are so wedded to Tuahine that any buyer will have to prove their credentials to take the helm. If you think you might be that person – initially contact waitematawoodys@gmail.com for more details on Tuahine.

The right owner will rate ahead of the highest offer. 

Easter Weekend – Bay of Island Woodys

Easter Bay of Island Woodys
Two good looking classics out and about over the Easter long weekend – the 1920’s 34’ launch – Darleen. Read and see more at the 2016 WW story belowhttps://waitematawoodys.com/2016/05/20/darleen/And the yacht Tuahine, that we known only a little about. She made a cameo appearance in the 2018 WW story below, and Simon Smith and Harold Kidd commented about her provenance.https://waitematawoodys.com/2018/01/09/woodys-holidaying-in-the-bay-of-islands/
Speaking of good looking woodys – the 1st mate on Darleen is rather cute 🙂

Would You Buy This Boat
No names, but sometimes you have to wonder if people really think they will sell their boat when they post photos like the one below on trademe. And this was one of the better photos……………. 🙂

Woodys Holidaying In The Bay Of Islands






Woodys Holidaying In The Bay Of Islands

Todays photos are from the camera of woody Dean Wright, taken over the Xmas / NY period, I love the one on Wirihana rolling around, sent it to her skipper Chris McMullen & he commented “We were coming into the bay from Cape Brett. A nasty on the beam sea. Any boat can roll when bit by a wave. Its when they keep rolling after the event…….” Chris commented the Wirihana handled it very well. Even with a roll on, Wirihana still looks beautiful – always does, from any angle.

I have to say Marie J is looking very smart, well done to the new(ish) owners. Also what do we know about the yacht Tuahine?