Woodys Holidaying In The Bay Of Islands






Woodys Holidaying In The Bay Of Islands

Todays photos are from the camera of woody Dean Wright, taken over the Xmas / NY period, I love the one on Wirihana rolling around, sent it to her skipper Chris McMullen & he commented “We were coming into the bay from Cape Brett. A nasty on the beam sea. Any boat can roll when bit by a wave. Its when they keep rolling after the event…….” Chris commented the Wirihana handled it very well. Even with a roll on, Wirihana still looks beautiful – always does, from any angle.

I have to say Marie J is looking very smart, well done to the new(ish) owners. Also what do we know about the yacht Tuahine?

5 thoughts on “Woodys Holidaying In The Bay Of Islands

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  2. The Budgens cruised extensively and hunted marlin successfully from Tuahine using a plastic garden chair on the aft deck as an improvised game chair. A prior owner was Mike Webster who currently owns Northerner.


  3. Tuahine was originally built by Roy Dickson’s father. He and Roy and his twin brother had sailed on the Ranger with Lou Tercel and got many ideas from Ranger..ie longish for narrow beam. It spent many years in Whangarei owned by the Blunden ( spelling) family. I am not sure of they still own her


  4. Thanks for sharing these photos which are all stunning in there own way – makes me jealous not to have been out on the water.


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