The scow ‘Scot’ – help wanted

A request from Graeme Webb

“Greetings. I am a member of Coastguard as a volunteer and have recently sent a letter to Coastguard Head Office re the Tarapunga as I believe they are unaware she was on loan to Auckland Coastguard from 1947 to 1950 from the Royal NZ  Navy. I served  on Tarapunga as 14/15 year old on roster with another around my own age as an overnight watchman a couple of nights a week.
However, this is not what I wish to contact you about. Coastguard, in its infancy was also loaned a scow by the name of Scot which was tied up under Coastguard control in the old Western Viaduct, Tarapungas base being Kings Wharf.
The Scot was purchased by the Navy in 1942 and was fully refurbished as a training vessel. She still carried a full set of sails and was built at Omaha by David M Darrock in1905.
When the Auckland Coastguard was disbanded in 1950 due to the Navy wanting Tarapunga back for survey work the Scot went also. She was sold and I have been unable to trace what happened to her. I wonder if any waitematawoodys contacts can help.

Update from Geoff Brebner

SCOT was a small hold scow built by David Mackey Darroch at Whangateau (Big Omaha) and launched in 1905. Only a small ship,ketch rigged, just over 60 feet x 17’3″ X 3’3″ deep. She had twin holds separated by the centre casing.She was bought in the 1950’s by Louis Graham who sold her up to the Cook Islands.

HDML Tarapunga Sinks

HDML Tarapunga Sinks

details & photos ex Heather Reeve

I have some sad news in regard to a piece of NZ’s Maritime history – ‘Tarapunga’, one of the 16 Harbour Defence Motor Launch’s (HDML) that the Navy purchased in 1943 & were later used for Survey work charting the NZ coastline (painted white) & also undertook Fisheries Protection work (painted black) caught fire & sunk off Nelson early this week.

The photo of her berthed at the wharf was taken by Keith Ingram (Skipper magazine) in Picton only a few months ago.

One of Tarapunga’s sister ships ‘Paea’, owned by Keith Nicholson & Heather Reeve (photo below) is in the CYA fleet.