HDML Tarapunga Sinks

HDML Tarapunga Sinks

details & photos ex Heather Reeve

I have some sad news in regard to a piece of NZ’s Maritime history – ‘Tarapunga’, one of the 16 Harbour Defence Motor Launch’s (HDML) that the Navy purchased in 1943 & were later used for Survey work charting the NZ coastline (painted white) & also undertook Fisheries Protection work (painted black) caught fire & sunk off Nelson early this week.

The photo of her berthed at the wharf was taken by Keith Ingram (Skipper magazine) in Picton only a few months ago.

One of Tarapunga’s sister ships ‘Paea’, owned by Keith Nicholson & Heather Reeve (photo below) is in the CYA fleet.




1 thought on “HDML Tarapunga Sinks

  1. it is so sad to see a piece of our maritime history lost this way & such wonderful original condition by the look of it too. — My heart goes out to the owners. By the look of the blistering on the hull midships, it could well have started as an engineroom fire. I hope no one was hurt. — KEN RICKETTS


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