SABRINA (Summer Days)

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SABRINA (Summer Days)
Sabrina was built in 1970, if you believe her trademe listing, by Collings & Bell……..
She is of ribbed, kauri planked construction & is powered by a 180hp 6 cya. Ford D series, Lees Marine diesel. This pushes her along at 9 knots.
Her length is 36’. For the last 4 years she has been dry dock stored.
Subject to her condition , with an asked price of $7.5k, she could be a good low cost entry point to the world of woodys. (trademe listing heads up from Ian McDonald)
Any one know more about her?
Input from Harold Kidd – 
In Lloyds Yacht Register SABENA was described as designed by Alex Collings, built by Collings & Bell in 1956 for W.J Parlour and fitted with a 100hp 6 cylinder Fordson diesel. APYMBA records say she was transferred to J R McGrane in 1967.