Orari @ Thames


Today’s photo of Orari (in the middle) was sent in by Nathan Herbert, taken at Thames earlier this year.

What do we know about her?

Harold Kidd Input – This first of the three Fisher ORARIs was designed and built by R.P. Fisher and J. Robinson at Whangarei over two years and launched in March 1937. No bridgedeck then.

UPDATE: Photos below ex Paperpast via Nathan Herbert – read the caption




I took the photos below of Seafarer on Sunday afternoon as she was sitting on the slip at Devonport Yacht Club, awaiting re-launching after her annual winter haul-out.

Owner Richard Darke is one of those classic owners that we all aspire to – as well as being a perfectionist, he has the skills to undertake almost everything on the boat & builds most of the bits himself. See/ read more here https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/11/25/seafarer-2/

Hiding under the covers is a stunning Uroxsys job on the coamings. Speaking of stunning Uxroxsys jobs, I also had a look over Trinidad in the weekend , she was relaunched last week after a spell in the Greg Lees Boat Builders, Sandspit shed – looking even smarter after a ‘few’ more coats Uroxsys were applied. Interesting to note that its now the norm to add some of the tinted primer to the middle coats, helps the UV protection* & gives a richer depth to the finish. New cockpit clears as well. Barbara & David Cooke are getting her ship-shape for the upcoming NZ circumnavigation. I’m crewing on the Bay of Islands > down the West Coast > Picton leg.


“Can I just clarify that the Awlwood topcoat is chocked full of UV absorbers – each coat blocks 90% of UV so over 8 coats you are left with practically nothing getting through. Trouble is that visible light degrades timber as well – and the only way of reducing this is by adding colour hence the improved performance from coloured primers. Cheers, David.”