The classic launch – Maybelle recently appeared on tme, so  thanks to the listing and Ian McDonald we get to have a good look at Maybelle.  Her tme listing has her from the Collings and Bell stable and 32’ 10” in length. She is powered by a Ford Lees 6 cyl. diesel engine that gets her along at 7>8 knots. Appears to be very well maintained and appointed. 
Can anyone confirm the parentage and where she has been  for the last 70+ years?

Help Wanted Locating A Vire Inboard Engine

Woody, Simon Smith has asked for help locating a Vire 7 hp, petrol, single cylinder inboard engine similar to the photograph below. The engines are made in Finland. Any help, even a suggestion as to where to look on line would be greatly appreciated.


photos & details ex Bryce New

Today’s post is an attempt to track down Maybelle, Bryce New’s  grandfather, Harry (Henry) New (ex Coromandel / Kawakawa Bay) old launch.
Maybelle is 36′ & was built c1959/60 by Ken Turner in Coromandel. Ken Turner named her after his grandmother & built her for drag netting. She may have been designed by Dick Laing. Built from heart kauri & powered by a Lees 6 cyl. Ford diesel.

Harry New purchased her from an ‘Evans’ in Coromandel in the late 1960s/early 1970’s & sold her in c1975 to an unknown person. She was moored at Kawakawa Bay before the sale.

Bryce’s parents spotted her anchored in the Bay of Islands in December ’92 but her name had changed.

In the above photo (Jan 1975) of her at Tryphena wharf, the people in the water are – (L>R) Bryce, Lois New (his mother) & sister Jacqui.

Bryce would love to know what has become of Maybelle – anyone able to shed some light on her whereabouts / past?