photos ex Zach Matich & Pam Cundy

Vesper is a rather special Kaipara boat having been in the Matich family for 3 generations. Powered by a 4 cylinder Ford diesel. She appeared on ww back in 2013 but Pam has recently sent me the photos of her hauled out at Pahi.

Maybe Zach can chip in with some more details – builder, year etc?

Harold Kidd Input

VESPER is clearly a “settler’s launch”, one of hundreds built in this exact style by Chas. Bailey Jr in the main, but also by Bailey & Lowe and other Auckland builders. They were in the mould of the launch MILKMAID, built by Chas. Bailey Jr in late 1901 for use on the Hauraki Plains for carrying produce out and supplies and people around the rivers of the district. They were usually around 32ft loa, diagonal built for maximum internal volume and could carry several wool-bales under that tall dee-front cabin top. Many are still soldiering on these days.
In an article in the Northern Advocate of 2nd July 1988 the history of VESPER was discussed, putting her at 1905, which seems about right, and talking about her lengthy ownership by the Matich family on the Kaipara for fishing and towing, and earlier with Capt. A.V. Subritzky as skipper.

Update 17-10-2016 –  photo of Vesper sitting on trailer at Hobsonville Marina, Mon 3rd Oct. Where she was off to was unknown….. ?  photo ex John Wicks