Almost A Mystery Launch


Almost A Mystery Launch

The above photo was sent to me by Nathan Herbert & is tagged ‘Team of horse hauling Karine / Karere’. It comes from ‘Heritage Images’.

So woodys – today we have a few questions, not easy, but we must be able to uncover a bit more about this cute motorboat.

  1. What is her correct name?
  2. Who built her?
  3. Where & when was this photo taken?

As you read this I will be motoring to Patio Bay for the CYA weekend, I cannot wait – a trip to the bottom end of Waiheke Island is long overdue. I have charged up the cameras so Monday’s story on WW will be a rather large photo essay of the weekend. Most Auckland boaties either have not discovered, or forgotten (thank god) how great the bottom end is, the photo below (no digital enhancement) is one of my favourites 🙂

Unknown copy

Equinox – Lyngrae



I spotted Equinox hauled out earlier in the year (Jan2017) at Milford Cruising Club’s slip. No on around so couldn’t gather any info on her. Can anyone enlighten us on her? Those oblong shaped ports could be a give away but I will not jump to conclusions.

21-05-2017 Input & Photos ex Graeme Sapwell (edited by Alan H)

I knew Equinox as ‘Lyngrae’ (Lynda and Graeme).
She was built as a 32ft, triple skin kauri, my mum was the dolly hand for all the copper nails and rooves. The boat was sold early 1970 to which we lost contact of her until this year when I spotted here on trade me. My mum died last year at 101 and up till then had always asked had we seen Lyngrae. Unfortunately I wasn’t in a situation to buy her back then. It’s quite weird how she has now ended up in the Milford estuary where her journey started back in 1963. A mate and myself took Lyngrae to Mt Maunganui in 1969 where family had moved to. We (the family) did a lot of weekend cruising around the gulf over the years and had been in some pretty rough seas to which she handled perfectly. The portholes were probably done by the same person who modified superstructure and undertook significant alterations.
Shall continue following her journey now we know what it looks like now.



Keith Murphy in Dunedin sent me the photo below of the 1/12th scale model he built last year of the Vos designed & built boat, Karere. Very impressive & it appears to be radio controlled 🙂