Almost A Mystery Launch


Almost A Mystery Launch

The above photo was sent to me by Nathan Herbert & is tagged ‘Team of horse hauling Karine / Karere’. It comes from ‘Heritage Images’.

So woodys – today we have a few questions, not easy, but we must be able to uncover a bit more about this cute motorboat.

  1. What is her correct name?
  2. Who built her?
  3. Where & when was this photo taken?

As you read this I will be motoring to Patio Bay for the CYA weekend, I cannot wait – a trip to the bottom end of Waiheke Island is long overdue. I have charged up the cameras so Monday’s story on WW will be a rather large photo essay of the weekend. Most Auckland boaties either have not discovered, or forgotten (thank god) how great the bottom end is, the photo below (no digital enhancement) is one of my favourites 🙂

Unknown copy

4 thoughts on “Almost A Mystery Launch

  1. I found the image and blew it up as far as I could. The name looks like KARIRI, but I can’t find that one either. This is an early boat, c1902-3 and looks early-style Bailey & Lowe to me. The photo is from the J Wiseman collection which indicates an Auckland origin. Great image!


  2. KARERE (if that’s what Nathan has read on her bow) is a pretty common name for a launch (= “go fast”). The one this could be is a Manukau boat of c1913. The hills behind look like the rolling country behind Onehunga perhaps?
    However I don’t think the name is KARERE; it seems to end in an A. Need a higher res pic.


  3. I’ve been checking in daily in the hope of seeing the answers to the questions about the wonderful photo of the horse-drawn boat. Alas no response! No takers?


  4. Bottom end. I was on a trip on Steinlager one holiday weekend last year and we anchored for the night off Manowar Bay. With the pulsating party lights and music (not us) it could have been Kowloon harbour.


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