Mystery Launch 03-12-2017

Mstery Launch 03:12

Mystery Launch 03-12-2017

Another Nathan Herbert photo, this launch is presented in a very different configuration from when she held various speed records. The first woody to correctly ID her wins a Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade 2018 Calendar. NOTE: entries ONLY via the WW Comments section.

No ‘Sailing Sunday’ today – but Mondays story will more than make up for that – don’t forget to check it out.

If you don’t win the calendar, copies are available for $15, a steal – click this link for details on ordering.


5 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 03-12-2017

  1. As a result of my needless sarcasm, Nathan has revealed that he thinks that HALCYON is actually SCRIPPS III = DEFENDER, a very famous and fast Lane launch of late 1913. The clincher will be if her hull is cedar. Does anyone know if that’s the case??


  2. Was she originally ANKLE DEEP FOUR a multi-step hydroplane powered with 3 Hispano-Suiza V12 aero engines, but the hull was thrown away and she was re-engined? Just a thought.


  3. Nath, no not mine —- she was owned by friends. As she is a displacement vessel, I’d be keen to learn about her speed records, if possible.


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