Equinox – Lyngrae



I spotted Equinox hauled out earlier in the year (Jan2017) at Milford Cruising Club’s slip. No on around so couldn’t gather any info on her. Can anyone enlighten us on her? Those oblong shaped ports could be a give away but I will not jump to conclusions.

21-05-2017 Input & Photos ex Graeme Sapwell (edited by Alan H)

I knew Equinox as ‘Lyngrae’ (Lynda and Graeme).
She was built as a 32ft, triple skin kauri, my mum was the dolly hand for all the copper nails and rooves. The boat was sold early 1970 to which we lost contact of her until this year when I spotted here on trade me. My mum died last year at 101 and up till then had always asked had we seen Lyngrae. Unfortunately I wasn’t in a situation to buy her back then. It’s quite weird how she has now ended up in the Milford estuary where her journey started back in 1963. A mate and myself took Lyngrae to Mt Maunganui in 1969 where family had moved to. We (the family) did a lot of weekend cruising around the gulf over the years and had been in some pretty rough seas to which she handled perfectly. The portholes were probably done by the same person who modified superstructure and undertook significant alterations.
Shall continue following her journey now we know what it looks like now.



Keith Murphy in Dunedin sent me the photo below of the 1/12th scale model he built last year of the Vos designed & built boat, Karere. Very impressive & it appears to be radio controlled 🙂


11 thoughts on “Equinox – Lyngrae

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  2. Hi Richard, would like to see some more photo,s of LynGrae. as my father Built her and sold it to your father, we would like to keep track of her.
    Graeme Sapwell


  3. Lyngrae was owned by my father David Cullen from the early 70’s till early 2000’s. She spent most of her time moored in Coromandel. We spent many memorable holidays cruising the gulf from Coromandel to Great Barrier, Waiheke, Kawau and the occasional trip up to the Bay of Islands.

    In the 80’s my father took her on an interesting trip bringing her from Coromandel all the way up the Waihou river to Te Aroha. She hit a snag on the way up the river and was taking on water by the time she reached the old Dairy Factory site where she was promptly hauled out and given a substantial refit along with required hull repairs.

    Subsequent trips up the river extended no further than the Maritine Park in Paeroa where winter maintenance and another major refit including extending the hull my another 3 feet and the addition of portholes.

    I have many photos of her through the years if anyone is interested feel free to get in touch


  4. Re Equinox, she is a shipbuilders/ Roy steadman design, last of the step sheer. Was built inDominion st Takapuna by my father H. Sapwell and launched at Allen Williams boat yard Milford in 1964. Name Lyngrae. The current photo shows a re modelled cabin top. Original motor Morris commodore petrol, then a 60hp fordson, repowered at mt maunganui with a 100hp trader Ford in 1970. I believe she is still called Lyngrae. I can provide more info and photo,s if wanted. Regards Graeme Sapwell.


  5. Thanks John, I,m keen to have a go at an old flush decker or something with a tram top skylight. Know what I mean ? But I havn,t found a suitable plan yet. You might have better contacts than me .Can you help ? Regards, Keith


  6. Shipbuilders of a few skins I imagine, sold recently. The advert showed her in the past with a more classic cabin style


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