Equinox (Lyngrae) – A Peek Down Below

EQUINOX (Lyngrae) – A Peek Down Below

The 32’ launch – Equinox, is based on a  Shipbuilders / Roy Steadman design and built in Dominion St. Takapuna by H. Sapwell and launched at Allen Williams boat yard, Milford in 1964. When launched she was named Lyngrae.

Built using triple skin kauri, as launched she was powered by a Morris Commodore petrol engine, later re-powered by a 60hp Fordson. In 1970 she was re-powered again at Mt Maunganui with a 100hp Trader Ford engine. These days Equinox sports a very impressive Steyr MO 256hp engine, which must push her along at an impressive speed.

In recent times the boat has had a lot of time and funds spent on her, as seen in the photos ex tme (thanks Ian McDonald) In the photos above she has a re-modelled cabin top, below in the b/w photo we see her as original. 

Read and see more here https://waitematawoodys.com/2017/04/26/equinox/


Very impressive to see what must be one of Auckland’s biggest families, they obviously all live in the same house and all own a boat each – as they say ‘families that boat together, stay together’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

3 thoughts on “Equinox (Lyngrae) – A Peek Down Below

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  2. Re the flying bridge large family, I bet they will be the ones blaming our Prime Minister whilst lying in ICU with their large pukus and medallions 🙂


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