Todays woody was designed in 1950 by Jack Guard, who built the hull and John McCauley did the decks and wheelhouse in Putatea Bay, at the top of the South Island. As per all of Jack’s boats she was built of kauri / hardwood with birch ribs.

Her specs are 34’ in length with a 10’ beam. When built she was powered with a JP2 Lister engine, that was replaced approx. 25 years ago with a Detroit GM 371.

Subject to a survey – she appears to have great bones and would be a cool candidate for a conversion to pleasure use. Nelson is the home port.

Thanks to Ian McDonald for the tme heads up.

2 thoughts on “Imalone

  1. Love the name. I have fond memories 60 odd years ago rowing around in a little dingy on the Okura river. The dingy’s name was Imalone.
    Always thought great name for a boat.


  2. What would you convert or change? She is great the way she is. She’s a worker with provenance. If much needs changing, she’s not the one for you. Would be a pity to spoil that line with a shed.

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