Gulf Star

Labour Weekend 1980


The two c.1980 photos above come to us via Mike Mulligan ex his families photo collection.

The question of the day – is the launch above the same craft as featured below that we featured back in Sept 2014 on WW, at the time she was for sale and thanks to Harold Kidd we uncovered some of her background. Link here to that story

As always ,interested in your thoughts.


Gulf Star > Cirrus > Lady Elwyn > ??

Gulf Star > Cirrus > Lady Elwyn > ??

photos ex trademe

Gulf Star in her current configuration is a traditional pilothouse displacement vessel. Length: 40’ Beam: 10’9” Draft: 3’3”. There is a belief that Bailey & Lowe built her but Harold Kidd, marine historian & author, questions this & he would know better than most of us, given he is about to publish another book, this time focussing on Bailey & Lowe.
Solid kauri carvel planked & powered by 120hp Ford motor, which pushes her along at 8-9 knots. Lovingly restored & maintained by the present owners over last 17 years.

While for sale the current owner (Suzanne Bell) would love to know some more about her past. Harold Kidd has advised that Fred Hilditch of the Coastguard Service owned her at least between 1978 and 1983. Before that she was owned by Coastguard itself from the end of 1954 and was called Cirrus (from 1956). She was lent to the Police in 1955-6 during the refit of Lady Shirley. Before that she was Lady Elwyn & owned by W.W. Smith from 1952 at least.

Unfortunately Harold knows little of her history before the above but suspects that she may be a lot older than the 1940 Suzanne Bell understands was her launch date.

Any of you waitematawoodys out there able to shed some light on her earlier years ?