Gulf Star > Cirrus > Lady Elwyn > ??

Gulf Star > Cirrus > Lady Elwyn > ??

photos ex trademe

Gulf Star in her current configuration is a traditional pilothouse displacement vessel. Length: 40’ Beam: 10’9” Draft: 3’3”. There is a belief that Bailey & Lowe built her but Harold Kidd, marine historian & author, questions this & he would know better than most of us, given he is about to publish another book, this time focussing on Bailey & Lowe.
Solid kauri carvel planked & powered by 120hp Ford motor, which pushes her along at 8-9 knots. Lovingly restored & maintained by the present owners over last 17 years.

While for sale the current owner (Suzanne Bell) would love to know some more about her past. Harold Kidd has advised that Fred Hilditch of the Coastguard Service owned her at least between 1978 and 1983. Before that she was owned by Coastguard itself from the end of 1954 and was called Cirrus (from 1956). She was lent to the Police in 1955-6 during the refit of Lady Shirley. Before that she was Lady Elwyn & owned by W.W. Smith from 1952 at least.

Unfortunately Harold knows little of her history before the above but suspects that she may be a lot older than the 1940 Suzanne Bell understands was her launch date.

Any of you waitematawoodys out there able to shed some light on her earlier years ?

6 thoughts on “Gulf Star > Cirrus > Lady Elwyn > ??

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  2. I volunteered periodically with the Coast Guard at Mechanics Bay during the 1950s, I remember a launch with the name Cirrus, I think it was the one we used to perform a simulated rescue off shore at Mission Beach for a public display, I was the one who was “rescued” from the water, there was a large crowd there that day, the flying boat tea room was full of onlookers as well. From memory there were several other craft on loan to coast guard, there was a 72ft H D M L, a 112 ft Fairmile, A 38ft cutter (I think was ex Air Force crash boat) the Commodore had his own craft there, as did one or two volunteers with their own launches. Freddie Lads’ flying boat was there as well


  3. I bought an investment property off Fred (I think he lived in it actually), in Browns Bay, c1973-4 & he owned Gulf Star at the time I bought it — I also mowed Bert Hammers father’s lawns in Domett Ave Epsom c1952 — KEN RICKETTS


  4. Fred was a friend of my fathers and I can remember when he 1st bought her,but unfortunately I can’t remember the exact year.Fred and Golf Star used to cruise with Lady Luck [Bert Hammer]
    and Rose-Marie[ Athol Petrie,with myself as crew]. I am pretty sure he bought Golf Star before I met my wife,[1973].
    Fred also worked for John W Andrews Ford in Khyber Pass rd at the time

    Kelvin Petrie


  5. Wow, thanks for your input Ken. It’s like delving into the family history (hope there are no skeletons to be found) – SuZanne Bell


  6. Unfortunately I can’t help with the pre “Willie” Smith Era, but I can add, that I knew “Willie(or “Wullie”, as he pronounced it), as he was a delightful colourful outgoing fun-loving Scotsman who reminded me a little of the Scottish comedian Billy Connolly, with his fun loving demeanour & lifestyle & she had a Ford V8, that he proudly claimed ran so cold, he could sit on top of his engine, while cruising, after it had been running for 4 hours & it would still be stone cold, — my mind boggled & eyes watered a little, with the thought of the sparkplugs on the posterior!!

    I also knew Fred well & we worked on a good number of Coastguard Rescues together when I had FLYING SCUD & TIARRI. — He was an unbelievably dedicated Coastguard skipper & did much fine work for Coastguard for many years well in to the 1980s at least, with her. She has acquired some “substantial upstairs additions” since I saw her last. She had the Ford Diesel during the Hildich stewardship — KEN RICKETTS


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