Gulf Star

Labour Weekend 1980


The two c.1980 photos above come to us via Mike Mulligan ex his families photo collection.

The question of the day – is the launch above the same craft as featured below that we featured back in Sept 2014 on WW, at the time she was for sale and thanks to Harold Kidd we uncovered some of her background. Link here to that story

As always ,interested in your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Gulf Star

  1. All I can add is that she was photographed in 1957 with a dark coloured hull otherwise identical to the above older images at Mechanic’s Bay in 1957


  2. I think the photo of her with no flybridge was earlier than the 70’s as I joined Coastguard HQ Division, as it was then known, in ’65 and knew Fred H very well. Used to crew on Gulf Star – she had the flybridge then. That’s assuming both are the same boat!!!


  3. Is the last photo recent? (obviously at Hobsonville Marina)
    I ask as she has sat on the poles at Te Atatu for many many years completely unattended. I did see her put back in the water after being on the hard at TBC along time ago, she had just been purchased by a couple, or three, mates. But that was the last time I ever saw her move. They even put a brand new inflatable dingy on the bridge top.. that became a nice nesting spot for the gulls. She was looking really sorry from lack of any attention. Then she disappeared from the poles maybe a year or so ago.. hard to remember with covid rolling the years together! haha
    anyway.. hope it is recent and she’s found some love!!… and hopefully a chainsaw for the flybridge soon.

    Dave – the two ‘colour’ photos are from 2014. Alan H


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