Lazy Days > Amokura


Have had a request from Jackson Lidgard for intel on the 38’ 1955 Lidgard built motor-sailer he and his father are currently doing a major refit/restoration on.

Jackson commented that she was originally named Lazy Days but renamed to Amokura sometime in the 1970’s or 80’s by the second owner. The story goes that the second owner was a Safe Air pilot from Picton who sailed her down from Auckland.

Jackson’s  family bought her 2 years ago after she had deteriorated living on a swing mooring in Havelock Sound for the last 20 years or so. When purchased they were told it was a John Alden design but have been unable to confirm this. 

Currently 4 months or so into her restoration in a shrink wrap shed on the Waikawa handstand. The top photo above was before the current project commenced.

Any information on the yacht would be greatly appreciated. For those woodys using Instagram there are regularly updates under the blog handle of  @todothingsblog A random selection of photos from the blog below.

And for those wondering around the surnames of the builder and the restorer – yes there is a link but very distant.


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