Mason B – Bay of Islands Woody Launching

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Mason B – Bay of Islands Woody Launching

 The caption on the photo / press clipping (ex Lew Redwood) reads “A new fishing launch takes the water from the builder’s shed. Mr W. Mason Bayly is the owner”

It was also tagged “Early preparations for the forthcoming dee-sea fishing season at Russell, North Auckland”
The date is August 1926.
Can we put a name to the boat, designer/builder, location?
Harold Kidd Input – She is MASON B, designed and built for W. Mason Bayly by Leon Warne and launched in August 1926 from Warne’s shed at Russell. She was30′ x 8’6″ and had a 30/40 hp Kermath. She replaced Bayly’s GISPA (ex-GLADYS).
Help Wanted
Any one have a base like the one circled below, tucked away anywhere? Or something similar. A woody friend has a spotlight but no matching base.  Any condition ok.
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Gladys (Gispa)

Gladys 1950's




GLADYS (Gispa)

Gladys was designed & built by Bailey & Lowe for Mr. Chas. Court, of Auckland. She measured 38′ with a 8’6″ beam & 3′ draft. When launched her engine was a 25/40hp, 4 cylinder medium weight Sterling.
Gladys was featured in an August 1913 publication (or supplement) called ‘Progress’, tear sheets of which are above & describe her fit out & features.
Nathan Herbert emailed me this data from the National Library & commented that Gladys has had two cameo appearances on ww before – once in the story headed ‘Schoolhouse Bay Mystery Launches’ & in the story ‘Winter Haul Out’ – links (blue) to both below.

The questions today are, when was she launched & what happened to her post the 1950’s?

Harold Kidd Input

I think Nathan knows the answers, but
1. She was launched on 4th August 1910 for Charles Court with a 16hp Standard. She was his second GLADYS, the first being a “settler’s launch” type of 1903.
2. Bailey & Lowe extensively overhauled her in April-May 1912 and fitted a 25/40hp Sterling.
At the same time they fitted the dodger etc.She then was in the configuration shown in the Progress clip.
3. Chas Court sold her to J.W. Court (don’t have my Auckland Network book handy, but think they were brothers) and G.R. Hutchinson in November 1919 and they renamed her GISPA. Chas Court had a new 53ft GLADYS built by Bailey & Lowe, later RONGO (II) under Cecil Leys.
4. Court & Hutchinson sold GISPA to W. Mason Bayly in 1921. He took her to Russell.
5. Bayly sold her to W.R. Ingram of Auckland in 1925.
6. Ingram sold her to the Government Tourist Bureau in November 1937. She was shipped to Milford Sound where the top pic was taken in the mid 1950s.
7. I don’t know her eventual fate, but hope it will be teased out by this post! She has/had such a distinctive hull that someone will know where she is today or where she died.