Schoolhouse Bay Mystery Launches

Schoolhouse Bay Mystery Launches

Photo ex Simon Smith, courtesy of the Sir George Collection.

The above photo is Schoolhouse Bay, Bon Accord Harbour, Kawau Island.

Who can ID the launches – L>R?

I don’t know the answer, so my guess for the first 2 , starting on the left is –

1. Ngaio – the 1921 Arch Logan
2. Raiona (Mollie > Alcestis) the 1919 Joe Slattery
3. ?
4. ?

Lady Adelaide photo as per HDK’s request

12 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Bay Mystery Launches

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  2. on further high definition analysis I have to agree with Allan re the 9 tramway windows but I think there are still 5 portholes …does that help?


  3. On 30/1/14 I posted a picture of my father and Max Colebrook ( in bow)being rowed ashore at Mansion House Bay Christmas Day 1934 and asked for the identification of the lovely launch in the background. Two photos of the same? launch were then posted but with no varnish on cabin. May I suggest that the launch on the far left here at School House Bay is the same as the one at Mansion House Bay with perhaps a wooden aft shelter yet to be built over the existing canvas one. Both appear to have 5 portholes and 11 windows in the tramway section.


  4. PS Nathan doesn’t think she’s DUCHESS (and I’m sure he’s right) but, between us, we may have an answer tonight when I get home and look at some pics.


  5. I wonder if the launch people think is RAIONA is actually R.L. Stewart’s DUCHESS, the Bailey & Lowe 40 footer which has been confused with RAIONA before on this site? The dee-front cabin launch at the right is hard to identify because there were so many like her.


  6. RAIONA is the other one & NGAIO could also possibly be PAIKEA but is still more likely NGAIO– KEN RICKETTS


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