LOVING YOUR BOAT TO DEATH – Electro-chemical Destruction / Underwater Rot

LOVING YOUR BOAT TO DEATH – Electro-chemical Destruction / Underwater Rot

The subject of electrochemical destruction and wooden boats has been covered extensively on WW – in fact the Chris McMullen articles are the most referenced stories on the site. At the end of todays story I have listed links to these stories.

Today thanks to Chris McMullen and Baden Pascoe we get to share an article they penned for the 2023 Mahurangi Cruising Club Year Book*, this article succinctly backgrounds the topic and suggests what as a wooden boat owner you should be looking out for and what to do to protect your wooden boat. READ IT. But if you are lazy – let me spell stout for you – DO NOT FIT ANODES or BOND YOUR WOODEN BOAT.

Note: PDF version below for easier viewing for the visually challenged – i.e. most of us 🙂

(*Article reproduction with the permission of the Mahurangi Cruising Club©️)






The Most Referenced / Viewed Story On WaitemataWoodys


What Is The Most Referenced / Viewed Story On WaitemataWoodys ?

By a clear mile it is Chris McMullen’s story on electro-chemical damage to our classic wooden boats. link here > https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/05/15/electrochemical-damage-to-wood-the-marine-version-of-leaky-homes/
Taking to Chris the other day he mentioned that he inherited around 100 copies of the ‘Professional Boatbuilder’ magazine, from the late Max Carter.
Browsing the magazines, Chris came across the June/July 2000 issue & noted that one of the feature articles – ‘Wood Behaving Badly’ – by Larry Montgomery is very similar article to his ww article on the electro-chemical damage caused to wood by the use of anodes and bonding. Chris (being humble) commented that he considered it better written than his. The article had also been endorsed by the editor of the magazine.

Given the severity of the problem in NZ & in the interests of saving our classic boats, I have taken the liberty & re-produced the article below. Read it & heed it 😉