A Woody Cruise








A Woody Cruise

Family commitments & the weather meant that this years Xmas / NY cruise was a tad short this year e.g. 7 days & the location was a lap of Waiheke Island. A lot of classics were in the same boat (pun) with the weather so we tended to be in the same spot at the same time – good for photos 🙂

I’m sure I missed a few so I apologize upfront, I have also saved a few for separate ww posts.
Enjoy the gallery of classics, most I have been able to name (scroll over image) & you can enlarge photos by clicking on them 😉

I can’t wait for the Mahurangi Regatta weekend……………………

Aotearoa II


Aotearoa II


details & photo ex Ken Ricketts

Aotearoa was the ‘night launch’ for many years before the Harbour Bridge, which used to take North Shore folk home through the night from the launch steps in town, after the ferry services stopped around midnight, & was operated by Eric Harrison, who after the Harbour Bridge went in to service, moved Aotearoa to Kawau. There she became part of the ferry services to the Sandspit & also did Auckland to Kawau trips. She was bought off Harrison & owned for a short period by Rick Brown, who onsold her to Gordon Brown, (no relation as far as Ken knows). Gordon Brown also ran her as ferry service to Kawau fo a few years & was ultimately squeezed out by Harry Julian who tried to totally control Kawau logistics for a number of years.

She was originally powered by 2 x 100hp 6cyl. naturally aspirated Fords which were later replaced by Eric Harrison with 2 x 6 cyl. turbo 165hp Volvos.

Ken suspects she may have been built by R Lidgard, can anyone add to this or confirm?