A Woody Cruise








A Woody Cruise

Family commitments & the weather meant that this years Xmas / NY cruise was a tad short this year e.g. 7 days & the location was a lap of Waiheke Island. A lot of classics were in the same boat (pun) with the weather so we tended to be in the same spot at the same time – good for photos 🙂

I’m sure I missed a few so I apologize upfront, I have also saved a few for separate ww posts.
Enjoy the gallery of classics, most I have been able to name (scroll over image) & you can enlarge photos by clicking on them 😉

I can’t wait for the Mahurangi Regatta weekend……………………

8 thoughts on “A Woody Cruise

  1. The Col Wild part came from Phil yes. No more info than that though. It is 3rd hand info. I should have asked again when i was on his Grandsons latest small Lange launch last week. Very strongly built boats.


  2. Lady May….You photographed her at Silver Bay Waiheke..Owner is Jim Frankham.He owns the house at Silver bay and the adjoining land.A nice quiet place with nice sand which is light in colour unlike the bays either side which also have very differing beaches.Jim snr.now deceased supplied the scows to enable Radio Hauraki to go to sea.They have a long seagoing history.

    Message From; Roger Guthrie.iphone



  3. According to APYMBA records QUO VADIS was built for the Hoppers in 1962 by P.A. Lange. No mention of Colin Wild as designer in the appropriate box. I rather think it would have been. Original engine 100hp Leyland 600.


  4. Quo Vadis should havd had the paint brush out doing the cosmings! Ill drag out a video of her quite grand launching day for the Hoppers some time, with Pacific up the Wade river. Apparently she is a Col Wild design, according to her builder.


  5. What a lovely montage & synopsis of your week, “suffering as you must have been!!!!,” & so lovely to see so many of the special boats that form our Auckland classic fleet, out & about. —
    If the bridgedecker as in this image is called PRECENDENT now, it must be a rename of MAHARA — (I much prefer MAHARA), & great see our lovely big American Import BEAUFORT, & also PLEASURE LADY looking so stunningly original complete with the reinstating of her varnished coamings, which as I recall, were painted for quite a number of years, MONTEREY & TASMAN still absolutely as built, all those years ago. & Jim Young’s design & build NGARUNUI, gliding effortlessly & gracefully along, as she always does.
    Looks to me, like TORONGO with the green surf board on the side, but may be another well kept member of that group of timeless beauties.
    All in all Alan, a delightful sharing of a “super moment in time,” for your Christmas Cruise. — Thank you so much for sharing it, with us all. — KEN R


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