Norma at Gt. Barrier Island

NORMA (Mystery Launch) @ Gt. Barrier Island

The above photos were sent to me by Barbara Cooke on Trinidad, over the Xmas /ny period. Excuse the quality of the photos, Barbara commented that the scrub fires were the cause of the haze.

What do we know about the boat?

This post is a first, done from the iPhone while anchored at Waiheke Island.

Monday will be a big story, lots of photos from my cruise.

Update – She has been ID’ed as Norma – full details & photos here

21-01-2016 Update from Baden Pascoe – The photo below is how I remember her. Bill Clark at the helm.he always wore a greasy looking cap. Most likely treated with Houghton’s oil. He was the man who introduced Howard to the brand. She would have had the Lister in her when this photo was taken.


14 thoughts on “Norma at Gt. Barrier Island

  1. thanks for the information on Norma. Much appreciated. When I found her she was a derelict in Coromandel Furey’s Creek . I had no idea of her original look. We enjoy her very much and I am very glad I was able to rescue her.


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  3. Thanks everyone for helping to compile the history of Norma. We (Bruce and Vivianne Flintoff – Coromandel) have been wanting to learn of her history. We acquired her in 2001 from the long-line fisherman John Horne – Coromandel. Norma had been left in Furey’s Creek for years with a hole in her hull. She was in such a state of dis-repair she almost had an accident with the chainsaw. Perserverence won and substantial work carried out. The commercial fishing gear was removed as was the 6 cylinder 120hp Fordson. Norma was recorked and given some new ribs. Rotten timber removed. She is now fited with a 1932 4 cylinder Perkins. We re-built the boat to a us-able state. We are anchored off Jamieson Bay Maharangi hoping to catch up with some Woodies to gain advice so we can complete the outstanding work. Norma is still painted yellow and green.


  4. A little more on the Norma. I can remember my father informing Bill Clark she was built for the Jeffs of Onehunga. Howard may have worked on her when he worked for Chips Fordyce as he knew a lot about her adventures. Launch racing on the Manukau was a big thing in the 20’s & 30’s. Ward House (La Rosa) still has his fathers winners pennants from his victories.
    Dad rebuilt Norma over a period of 2 crayfish off seasons. Stage one was the removal of her JP3 Lister the one we now have in John Dory and that was replaced by a 90 hp Fordson Trader 6 cylinder. All the ribs in the engine room were replaced or sistered and new floors and beds fitted. The next off season the wheel house and cockpit area was re-ribbed or sistered. I can not remember about the forepeak area. I do know that he fitted new beltings and some work may have been done around the shear clamp area. Even then she had a big boxy cabin on her complete with tempered hard board trimmings. But she was extremely successful in the cray fishing business. The other top boats were Ronomor and then when the young Ray Bronlund gained some experience in the little Waipa he became the top boat. These men made huge money and could afford late model cars etc. All these men were clients of Howard’s and spending money to reduce tax was always on the list. And to add to it they were nice people and these men enjoyed each others company while boats were on the hard. As soon as I got home from school I was on the job as well. Great days and memories.


  5. Fantastic, Norma! Same as previously featured here. I will upload a pic of her in her in-between state tomorrow.


  6. Yes, She is the Norma, confirmed by my brother. But she was not built in 1908. Harold may be able to add to this.


  7. I am quite sure this is the Norma built by Les Coulthard in the late 20’s early 30’s. There are photos of her at the sailing club at the sailing club at Mangere. She was a very attractive looking boat in her original form and one of the fastest on the Manukau


  8. Her name is Norma and is based at Coromandel. Owned by Bruce who believes she was built in 1908.


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