Rakanoa + Reminder Re Cool Woody Event

rakanoa jan2019


Today’s WW post features one drop dead gorgeous woody. The photo above is of the 56’ Rakanoa, sent in by Peter Loughlin & is the perfect photo to showcase the recent TLC she has received. Rakanoa was built in 1946 by Shipbuilders.

You can see > read more on Rakanoa here.      https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/04/21/rakanoa/
screen shot 2019-01-15 at 12.04.34 pm
Big reminder / nudge that one of the coolest woody events of the year is fast approaching & if you are thinking of attending with your boat you need to get your A-into-G & register now.
If you are boat less & around the centre of the North Island that weekend – check out the Parade on Saturday – there will be between 70 & 100 woodys on display.
I have featured the Parade on WW for the last 4 years – so just enter Lake Rotoiti in the WW search box & you will be blown away with the boats. Or  be lazy & just click the link below to view last years event
Link below for more details on the Parade & the Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Association


Mechanical Advice Needed Re Bearings

I have been contacted by Bruce Flintoff looking for some advise on his my stern bering. Refer photos below. The bearing needs replacing. Does anyone know who supplies these bearings and what bearing would be the best replacement?

Bruces boat is Norma built around 1920 and featured in Waitemata Woody’s a couple of years back. Link below

3 thoughts on “Rakanoa + Reminder Re Cool Woody Event

  1. Unless the bronze has had a galvanic problem then it might be able to be bored out and a Vestonite(?) bearing inserted. That is provided there is sufficient wall thickness.
    Go to Chatfield Engineering. They very recently did a similar job for me.


  2. Hi, in response to what looks like a stern tube bearing or rudder pintal bearing, Henleys or Chatfield may have one or Mike Reece Foundry may have a pattern to cast a new one. If not you can clean up and use the old one as a pattern, but will be a little smaller due to shrinkage. Either way the casting will need machining. Bearing material could be either Thordon (Henleys) or Viscanite (Chatfield ) we used to use white metal but not have done any like that for at least 25 years, If its a stern tube bearing water cooling is a must
    Hope this Helps
    ‘Blue’ Hewitt
    Pinzon Marine Engineering


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