Mystery Launch in Nelson




Mystery Launch – Nelson

I was sent the ‘washed up’ at Grossi Point, Nelson photos by John Burland in mid November 2016, then the one of her at the Nelson wharf in Nelson in mid December so someone rescued her. It appears that her name (on the stern) is ‘Ramillies’. Do we know any more about her?

The rather large heron on the wharf pile is a fake, named Hamish after a real bird that used to hang-out at the marina.

6 thoughts on “Mystery Launch in Nelson

  1. A sad update for my dear Ramillies. She was untied from her post during a high tide by some bastard. No sign of her.


  2. Hi guys! You no idea how much trouble I’ve had trying to track down info on my dear Ramillies! My name is Bryn and I’m a local lad who is slowly (sadly too slow for my liking lately) rebuilding her to be my home. She is being repowered with a marinised turbo diesel ld28. Any information regarding her would be much appreciated, so please, feel free to contact me.



  3. Further, on RAMILLIES,upon further thought,she would have been built late forties or early 50’s,John two dogs comments could be spot re origin of design.
    This Ramillies was named after the British Naval escort which escorted both my Uncle(the builder)and my Father in the “First Echelon” to WW2.,the vessel must have made a great impression on a Sounds bred and reared young man!


  4. Well,well! This boat was built by my uncle Geoff Rogers at Manaroa in the 1950’s,not only that,i remember being aboard her when i was a child,when she caught fire and blew the cabin off the deck,after fire was extinguished she was towed back down to my uncles farm at manaroa,where he proceeded to rebuild her and then continued to use her as the family commuter to Havelock.Originally she was powered by 6 cylinder. Gray marine engine,and moored for many years at Manaroa Bay.
    John Elliott


  5. The Mapua pontoon it was indeed. Patrick Maisey tells me that he remembers Ramillies from the 1960s when she was powered by a V8 and was owned by Dick Potton of the publishing family. Owned subsequently by a series of Mapua’s more colourful characters (which is saying something if you know the stadard colourful characters..) but no idea of the current owner and their intentions. Shall research.
    Ramillies link to Nelson as follows: HMS Ramillies was a 74 gun ship of the line and commanded by Sir Thomas Hardy during the war of 1812, Hardy of course commanding HMS Victory, Admiral Lord Nelson’s flag ship during the battle of Trafalgar.


  6. I’m pretty sure the pic at the jetty is either Mapua or Motueka, and it’s certainly not Nelson. The “decoy” 🙂 heron was on Tv a while ago, I think in a programme about the Sounds Murders.

    My guess about the boat (and it IS just a guess) is something built from a plan in a magazine, such as Popular Mechanics or one of the old UK boating mags. They used to put out similar boat designs for home building. Glad she was rescued; someone’s put in a lot of TLC “wooding” her topsides then bright finishing them, though it would have been even better if they’d varnished her transom too.


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