Duncan McKee dropped me a note recently to let me know the 1937 Lanes built launch Ajax is alive and well and moored in Evans Bay Wellington at present.
Owned by the McKee family, Ajax is in regular use and enjoying Wellington Harbour and Cook Strait as she has done for the last 80 odd years.
Back in 2018, Ajax made a cameo appearance on WW when woody Dean Wright snapped a photo of Ajax while mooching around Mana Marina – WW link below
Can anyone tell us more about this very smart looking motor boot?

Yesterdays Quiz – ID The ‘Hidden’ Boat Winner was Bill Brown of Mt Eden, Auckland. And woodys there was a new record number of entries and 90% had the designer right (Des Townson) and the entries were split 50/50 between 28’ / 32’ re the length.


Woody Mooching Around Mana Marina



Dean Wright was recently reviewing his extensive photo library (he is a professional photographer) and found a file labelled ‘Mana Marina’ and sent it off to me asking if he had already sent it to me 🙂 my answer was no, so today we get to enjoy Deanand his camera mooching around Mana marina, Porirua, Wellington.

The photos we taken last year, no doubt at the start / end of one of his southern cruises.
The windy city woodys are not afraid to splash a bit of colour around when painting their boats 🙂
ps each to their own opinion – but I do like the lines of Ajax.