Duncan McKee dropped me a note recently to let me know the 1937 Lanes built launch Ajax is alive and well and moored in Evans Bay Wellington at present.
Owned by the McKee family, Ajax is in regular use and enjoying Wellington Harbour and Cook Strait as she has done for the last 80 odd years.
Back in 2018, Ajax made a cameo appearance on WW when woody Dean Wright snapped a photo of Ajax while mooching around Mana Marina – WW link below
Can anyone tell us more about this very smart looking motor boot?

Yesterdays Quiz – ID The ‘Hidden’ Boat Winner was Bill Brown of Mt Eden, Auckland. And woodys there was a new record number of entries and 90% had the designer right (Des Townson) and the entries were split 50/50 between 28’ / 32’ re the length.


5 thoughts on “Ajax

  1. We are the ex owners of the Ajax the photo above taken at mana marina is when we owned it. Would love to see her again she is in good hands now .

    Hunter and Scotty Shannon
    Phone 0275277161


  2. Desperately trying to seek Duncan Mckee as the Ajax was owned by my mother in laws Dad, whose surname was Sands!


  3. GAVIN PASCOE Heartening seeing yachting so well supported Port Nicholson Sea Scout 1952 club 62 x class Wild ride to EASTBOURNE + back ,, searched E Mail no go ON AJAX post wishing to contact you + keep that good work going RT kingdicknz77@gmail.com


  4. Hay there Duncan Mckee Long distance admirer once again ( + not alone EH AL ) saw AJAX at MANA found history in sea scout era home Wellington ,, rowed yor
    Evans BAY in RAUKAWA 4 oar x 2 WHALER with PORT NICHOLSON SEA SCOUTS 1962 Anticipating return to 42 year property RUSSELL BAY of ISLANDS NEED a boat
    ( if EVER the dreaded question ) Please retain mine kingdicknz77@gmail.com SHE s A beaut RICHARD


  5. I;m not sure she is a Lanes build, though the date is about right. She was built in Courtenay place in Wellington for / by a man name Sands. Her hull is all full- length douglas fir (Oregon). His son Geoff Sand owned her for many years and kept her at Clyde Quay until about 5-8 years ago, when he died and her son sold her. Until that time she had been the longest-term continuous tenant. She was at Mana for a while. A lovely boat – it’s nice to know she’s back in Wellington


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