Ponui + Win A WW t-shirt



I spotted Ponui anchored in Oneroa last weekend, the name has popped on WW before in regards to other woodys – can anyone tell us about this one?

Update photos below ex Nathan Herbert. Nathan floated the question – could she be Ponui II ?


ponui ii

A Quiz – Win a WW t-shirt – first person that can correctly tell me what the craft pictured below started life as – designers name and length – all entries via email only to waitematawoodys@gmail.com

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 9.09.05 PM

7 thoughts on “Ponui + Win A WW t-shirt

  1. She is not Ponui 2, I owned her for 10 yrs from 1989 to 99 unless she has gone through a major rebuild ,which I doubt The photo shows a raked stern where she had a straight stern Will find a photo and post it later Barry Cathcart


  2. No ones saying that she is the first Ponui; that boat is relatively well documented here and is down south as pictured in a number of photos on this site.


  3. She is definitely not Ponui 1. A 1907 Logan that spent time in survey as a relief Pilot Boat and general work boat in Napier and passenger boat on Lake Taupo before heading south to Picton for service as a service launch for Errol Christian of Gem Resort in the 1960’s early 70’s.
    The new owner of the Gem Resort, Dave McConnell, sold her and the Swanson built Manana to buy and refit and rename the smallest of the Auckland blue boats Spray IV? to Ranui II.
    Manana went to lake Brunner.
    Ponui went to Red Funnel launches briefly and I can recall build year and the Royal Mail coat of arms painted on the front of her wheel house to reflect that she was expected to serve as a relief mail launch.
    From there she went to Wilsons at Kaiteretere as an Abel Tasman relief boat. I can recall seeing her at anchor there in the late 1970’s where she was disparagingly known as “The Po”.
    Where did she end up?


  4. She most likely is the Ponui that belonged to Earnest Chamberlain in the 50s/60s who along with others of the extended family, who collectively, owned all of Ponui Island, at that time, & he lived & moored her in Shark Bay, & he also owned the A class yacht MATIA, where he also moored her.

    PONUI was very quick, & used by him & his immediate family for transport to Auck, & for towing barges with stock etc.

    The late brilliant marine engineer Tracey Nelson maintained her mechanically along with his Brothers George (FALCON), & Fred’s boats as well, for them for many years. — Tracey N., also did the vast majority of the McGeady Supreme Craft boats engine installations when they we being built. — KEN R


  5. Could she be the Ponui (Ponui II?) which did over 20 knots with a scripps engine?? 32′ x 8’6″ looks similar hull from here


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