Woody Mooching Around Mana Marina



Dean Wright was recently reviewing his extensive photo library (he is a professional photographer) and found a file labelled ‘Mana Marina’ and sent it off to me asking if he had already sent it to me 🙂 my answer was no, so today we get to enjoy Deanand his camera mooching around Mana marina, Porirua, Wellington.

The photos we taken last year, no doubt at the start / end of one of his southern cruises.
The windy city woodys are not afraid to splash a bit of colour around when painting their boats 🙂
ps each to their own opinion – but I do like the lines of Ajax.

3 thoughts on “Woody Mooching Around Mana Marina

  1. I too like the lines and simplicity of Ajax. Usually when you see —in my opinion—the interior of Launches like Ajax, the fit out is crappy. Maybe Ajax is different, hope so.


  2. Ajax was at Clyde Quay for about 50 years before moving to Mana a couple of years ago. She was built in Courtenay Place and her hull is all Oregon (Dougas Fir). She’s a lovely boat.


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