Tibbs’ Beach – Sailing Sunday


Tibbs’ Beach – Sailing Sunday

The above photo, from the A. Turnbull Library, was taken by William A Price in the early 1900’s & shows a collection of yachts & a small motor boat hauled out on cradles for maintenance at Tibbs’ Beach, Ponsonby.

Got to love the father & son + old boy with the walking stick, bowler hat & pipe in the center of the photo – that is what its all about-the 3 F’s – fun, friendship & fraternity 😉

So woodys todays questions – what is Tibbs’ Beach known as today ? And can we ID the boats?

Harold Kidd Input

From the left is ROMP alias CHARIE but built as EHOA by Tom Le Huquet in 1892, winter-quartered at Tibbs Beach when owned by Fred Rule. I can’t positively id the little double-ended launch. Next is, I reckon, QUEENIE, hauled out at the beach when owned by Tom Hill. Next is, I think, SCOUT when owned by the Ewen brothers who lived in Shelley Beach Road. Possibly, however, it’s MAYO which also pulled out there until she was damaged and broken up in late 1913 but I think MAYO was smaller although of the same general form. The bow of the boat on the right doesn’t tell us much except that she’s a small straight-stemmer. My pick is NEOLA which was owned by Treanor and hauled out here at this time.
I reckon the date is winter 1912 plus or minus a year.


“Aquatics” correspondents of the newspapers and magazines of the time were fond of producing copy from a wander along the haul out areas around the harbour to fill their columns in the winter, so you can pretty well flesh out the boats hauled in each spot, season by season. The key to this image is the presence of EHOA aka RHONA/RONA/CHARIE (not CHARLIE), but ROMP at this time and that puts the dates to 1910-14 at the outside either way.
The other yachts which used Tibbs’ Beach for winter haulout within that period were (alphabetically) ARIKI, HEARTSEASE, LITTLE JIM (the first), MABEL, MAYO, NEOLA aka ALOFA/AWATEA, QUEENIE, ROSE aka MOUTERE, SCOUT, the 16 footer SURPRISE and VALDORA, then a big centreboarder.
The only candidate for the #2 yacht from this dramatis personae to my mind is VALDORA, then owned by W.T. Matthews but she was only 26ft loa. MABEL, now WAIATA in Wellington, has a raked stem and is 33ft, but no “spoon”.
Any other ideas?