The motor-sailor Tara-Nui is a neibour of mine at Bayswater marina, owned by a friend Richard Poor. I have donated a few layers of skin sanding her in preparation for Uroxsys varnishing. Last week Dean Wright emailed in the above photos of Tara-Nui that he took back in 2010 of her in Homestead Bay, Moturua Island, Bay of Islands. 

Back in June 2015 on WW there was talk of Tara-Nui having a sister ship named Tebor. WW link here https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/06/21/tebor-sailing-sunday/At the time it was commented that the vessels were a John Gladden design. Are we able to confirm this and also can anyone tell us more about Tara-Nui’s past. Richard keeps her is top condition and is a frequent visitor to the Pacific Islands. 

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Tebor- Sailing Sunday

TEBOR – Sailing Sunday
photos & questions ex Russell Ward

A little while ago on ww we posted up the motor-sailer Korara which generated a huge amount of interest, comments even from the Channel Islands.
Russell mentioned on ww at the time that John Gladden built a Francis Jones? Sole Bay design in the early 1970s. The photos above of the vessel Tebor hauled out at Westhaven could be the Gladden built vessel. Can anyone confirm this & supply more info on her & the origin of the name – Tebor.

She has a near sister-ship at Bayswater, Tara-Nui (photo below). Tara-Nui is owned by a friend of mine, Richard Poor, & has been the recipient of my fine sanding / Uroxsys skills.  Unfortunately Tara-Nui is now lacking the original varnish on the wheelhouse. Richard is not a big fan of the cold, so is currently basking in the sun in New Caledonia aboard Tara-Nui.

A Little Classic Yacht Sailing Eye Candy

Seeing its Sunday I have also posted below a little treat – click the link to view the ‘Classic TV’ feature on the recently restored 1915 Herreshoff 48′ NY Class – Chinook’. The brief film gives you a chance to experience a race aboard during the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge in Cannes.