The motor-sailor Tara-Nui is a neibour of mine at Bayswater marina, owned by a friend Richard Poor. I have donated a few layers of skin sanding her in preparation for Uroxsys varnishing. Last week Dean Wright emailed in the above photos of Tara-Nui that he took back in 2010 of her in Homestead Bay, Moturua Island, Bay of Islands. 

Back in June 2015 on WW there was talk of Tara-Nui having a sister ship named Tebor. WW link here https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/06/21/tebor-sailing-sunday/At the time it was commented that the vessels were a John Gladden design. Are we able to confirm this and also can anyone tell us more about Tara-Nui’s past. Richard keeps her is top condition and is a frequent visitor to the Pacific Islands. 

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5 thoughts on “Tara-Nui

  1. TARANUI was built for my father Gordon Robertson in 1964 by John Gladden at Greenhithe, Auckland. She was designed by Francis Jones – norwegian fishing trawler. Gladden built the hull and decks and my father an amateur boatbuilder finished the whole interior and all exterior fittings by hand such as the wooden box mast and the handmade sandcasted bronze rigging screws.
    The family enjoyed 10 years of family cruising in the Bay of Islands.The boat was sold to a wellington buyer when our new boat Whimbrel arrived (PACIFIC 38).Taranui does mean big tern in Maori !


  2. I operate a 12m Motor sailer built by Edwin Bailey in Pigeon Bay in 1926. She is probably one of the first vessels named Taranui, although there are now Taranuis everywhere, including another In Havelock Marlborough where our Taranui is berthed! Taranui is Maori for the Caspian Tern. Not sure why you would name a vessel Tara-Nui with the hyphen, which I understand translates as BIg-Hole!


  3. There was an English class of motorsailer called the Solway Class that looked very similar. Can’t remember just now who designed them, but maybe ………. ?


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