Mystery Devonport Launch

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Mystery Devonport Classic Launch

Today’s launch popped up yesterday on Keith Humphrey’s fb. The location is Queen’s Parade on Devonport, Auckland waterfront. Date is c.1925. Keith commented that on the extreme right of the photo is the Flagstaff Hotel which was relocated from the site of the present Esplanade Note. In the middle of the photo should be Anne Street.
This before the sea wall was built and in those days boats were hauled out on the slope alongside the road.
Keith also commented that military style tents can be seen on Mount Victoria.
So the question woodys is – any anyone ID the launch moored in the foreground.
There is a great collection of small launches hauled out.
In the 1927 photo below we see the sea wall and carpark under construction.
(Photos ex Devonport Historical and Museum Society)
Our Youngest Woody
Boat builder Greg Lees sent in the photo below of his very new (less than a week old) granddaughter. Daughter (& mother) Rosie didn’t waste any time introducing her to the woody speedboat – ’Summertime,  Rosie built. WW link below

Summertime – Rosie Lees

Rosie Lees & Summertime

Where it all started

Final Push / Prep

Launch Day

photos ex Lees Family
How today being Christmas Eve I really wanted a nice, feel good post today – when the details & photos of this one started to hit my email inbox, it went straight to a file tagged 24/12/14 🙂

If you follow ww you will know that Greg Lees is a very talented boat builder & runs one of the best classic friendly boat yards in NZ, what most of you would not have known is that Rosie his 20 year old daughter is also very talented. Todays post is proof of just how talented.

In October 2013 Rosie started building a Pelin Ventura, named ‘Summertime’ – now the build timeline got a little stretched out with things like work (Blenheim) getting in the way. However a 6 week period between Sept & Nov 2014 provided the ideal window to finish ‘Summertime’ off & she was splashed in early December 2014. You can see from the above photos that the boat looked beautiful and I’m told went better than expected i.e. 45mph with ease & Rosie was thrilled.  Now this lady does not muck around,  Saturday night Summertime was wrapped in shrink wrap and Sunday morning Greg and co. towed it down to Wellington in time for the ferry to Blenheim. Seems Rosie has a Regatta to attend. By the standard of the artistry, both the boat & Rosie the builder, should scoop a few awards.

Now this is quite an achievement for a 20 year old, seems to me that the Lees gene pool is mighty strong 🙂

05/03/2015 – Rosie & Summertime In the news (Marlborough Express)