The launch Seaforth has made a couple of appearances on WW, links below to those stories – the 2015 one has lots of chat and photos.

Woody John Dawson sent in the above photos ex Gareth Dawson and commented that Seaforth had been recently hauled out at Stillwater Boating Club. Fingers crossed she receives the attention she deserves, having spent the last decade looking very sad, either hanging off a Orakei swing mooring or on the hard at Clevedon. Rumour has it she is also a member of the sub mariners club i.e. she sank once on her mooring 😦

Do we know what the plan is? SBC isn’t a yard that allows the ‘parking’ of old boats so she may have changes owners. The photo below is c.1986

Whakatakataka Bay (Orakei) 2015

Clevedon 2020


Mystery Clevedon Launch – Seaforth

Mystery Clevedon Launch


While sliding up the the Wairoa River on Saturday, on route to the Clevedon Cruising Club, I spotted the above launch hauled out.
Her identity is really bugging me, I feel I should know who she is, but just can’t ID her.
Hopefully one of the CCC members will help us out or Mr Herbert 😉
Update – Nathan has come to the rescue – the launch is Seaforth – lots of photos and details at the WW link below


Can anyone provide details on the whereabouts of the 40’ launch – Albatross III, built c.1960’s to a Harry Biddle design.
Previous locations are Auckland > Bay of Islands > possibly Nelson. Owned at one stage by Joe Bosanquet. Call sign was ZM4180


SEAFORTH (Mystery Launch 11-07-2015)
photo ex Jason Prew
The above photos were taken in Whakatakataka Bay (thats Orakei / OBC) by Jason Prew on 28-06-2015. This bridge decker is looking in need of some TLC.
I have to say the rear port side exhaust set-up is a tad agricultural 🙂

What do we know about her?

Because its Saturday, the first correct answer with the name & designer – wins a classic Harley Davidson pen.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 4.53.02 AM

Harold Kidd Update

She’s a bit of a puzzle. She was registered with APYMBA in 1968 as a 32 footer with a 100hp Ford diesel built by “Bailey” in 1935 at “Tauranga”!! Obviously some myths had gathered around her at least 57 years ago. She was then owned by C.A. Manning. In 1973 she was owned by R.T. Humphries of 6 Ely Ave., Remuera who was a member of Panmure YBC,
She’s very like LADY CYNTHIA of which I posted an image a long while ago on WW, although her coamings are rather different.

New photos ex classicgameboat. The first one being of her being launched at Sulphur Beach

14-07-2015 Update from Previous Owner Laurie Webb

The 2 photo below shows Seaforth c.1986 at anchor. Laurie bought her off Bruce Symonds & was told that she had sunk near Tamaki. Laurie commented that while she was quite fast she rolled badly. He was also led to believe that she was built much earlier than 1935.
The interior photo of Seaforth shows Ron and Shirley Phillips, owners of Antares, which can be seen anchored behind. They owned Antares up until around 2006.