The launch Seaforth has made a couple of appearances on WW, links below to those stories – the 2015 one has lots of chat and photos.

Woody John Dawson sent in the above photos ex Gareth Dawson and commented that Seaforth had been recently hauled out at Stillwater Boating Club. Fingers crossed she receives the attention she deserves, having spent the last decade looking very sad, either hanging off a Orakei swing mooring or on the hard at Clevedon. Rumour has it she is also a member of the sub mariners club i.e. she sank once on her mooring 😦

Do we know what the plan is? SBC isn’t a yard that allows the ‘parking’ of old boats so she may have changes owners. The photo below is c.1986

Whakatakataka Bay (Orakei) 2015

Clevedon 2020


1 thought on “Seaforth

  1. Whakatakataka Bay is not Orakei Basin, she would have to jump the main trunk line to get to Orakei Basin!



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